Where to buy foam floor tiles?
As your baby grows and develops, you begin to assess their space. The nursery that used to be used only for sleeping has now got more toys than you remember, and once your baby begins crawling and walking, you need a safe place where they can play in comfort. This is when you might want to invest in foam floor tiles. We take a look at why you should invest in foam floor tiles for your little one and where to buy foam floor tiles for the safest and best playtime.

Why invest in foam floor tiles?

The way we decorate our homes has changed a lot over the past few years. Whereas once you would barely walk into a home that wasn’t completely carpeted, now most modern homes have exchanged carpeting for tiles, laminate or wooden boards. While these look great, they don’t create the most welcoming or comfortable space for a young toddler to play. Even carpeted homes can be hard on your baby’s delicate hands and feet. If you have been laying down a blanket for them to play but are worried about how safe this is for babies who are standing and walking, foam floor tiles are a fantastic alternative. Made of material specially created to provide comfort, support and insulation, as well as fewer chances of slipping and falling, foam floor tiles are an appealing choice for any parent.

The benefits of foam floor tiles

Foam floor tiles are the ideal option for playtime - whether you want to keep them in the nursery or let your child play in the living room. They provide extra cushioning for little ones while being extremely portable for you. These tiles will bring a playful and bright edge to your home which is highly appealing to babies and toddlers and can encourage play that is focused in one area rather than all over a room (resulting in higher quality play for them and less cleanup for you). Not only that, but they are easy to wipe clean thanks to the foam material, cutting down on washing when spills and accidents happen. They can even be used for all-important ​​tummy time, which supports your baby’s physical development.

What is the best age for foam floor tiles?

Foam floor tiles should not be confused with soft mats suitable for newborn babies. Foam play mats are generally considered to be suitable for children over ten months old, which is the age when they become more involved in active play - so you won’t really need this until they reach that age. The interlocking nature of foam floor tiles are created in part to entertain little ones who can enjoy the shapes and patterns that the tiles can create, something that can support their learning and growing journey.

Should I let my child sleep here?

As any parent will tell you, little ones are prone to falling asleep in the most unexpected places - and often not in their own beds! It is quite common for young children to love sleeping on the floor, and if they happen to fall asleep on their foam floor tiles, this is not unhealthy or harmful. It is probably for the best to get them into their usual nap spot for consistency and to keep up their sleep training routine, but if you occasionally find them sleeping happily on this soft and cushiony foam, it’s okay to take the opportunity to get a cup of tea and relax!

Are they safe?

In the past, there have been some concerns about the safety of foam floor tiles for babies and children, due to not being made from natural materials, or presenting a tripping and slipping hazard. However, as long as you wait until the appropriate age to introduce foam floor tiles, many concerns can be assuaged. When choosing your foam floor tiles, make sure to check that they are classed as non-toxic, non-flammable and waterproof. If you have any other concerns, look out for information telling you that the floor tiles are free from BPA, PVC and HCHO. For example, at For Your Little One, our foam floor tile options have been thoroughly tested at an independent INTERTEK laboratory to ensure that they meet rigorous safety standards and are completely free of toxic chemicals. So rest assured - with a little research and a careful introduction to the tile environment, your baby can play safely for months to come!

Kinderkraft Luno Foam Floor Tiles

When it comes to where to buy foam floor tiles for your young children, we have the perfect option at For Your Little One. Our Kinderkraft Luno Foam Floor Tiles are colourful and functional, with thirty puzzle pieces attaching to form a comfortable mat. These tiles are ideal for teaching a baby to walk and for playtime fun thanks to the non-skid surface and non-toxic material. With a neutral colour scheme, it will fit in with any home or nursery, and the unique 3D shapes created by the interlocking tiles are fascinating to curious kids.

Where to buy foam floor tiles

Now that you know where to buy foam floor tiles and the wonderful benefits they can have for your baby and toddler, you won’t want to wait a moment to create the best space possible for those playtime hours. Check out our range at For Your Little one for foam floor tiles, play mats, and more - you can easily make their playtime fun and safe with our wide variety of high-quality essentials. You can enjoy our excellent customer service with quick and reliable UK deliveries and payment plans available to ensure you have everything you need for your baby at every stage of their young life.
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