How to use breastfeeding pillows
Breastfeeding has many benefits and is a wonderful way to bond with your baby from the early days of parenthood. However, breastfeeding does not come easily to most new mothers, and it can be uncomfortable and difficult to get into a position and routine that suits you. Here, we will look at how to use breastfeeding pillows for easier nursing. These pillows can be handy from the earliest stages of motherhood to make nursing a better experience for you and your little one. Read on to find out more about what to look out for when purchasing a breastfeeding pillow and how they can help you.

What is a breastfeeding pillow?

When you are preparing for a new baby, it can feel overwhelming to think of all the different things you might need. A breastfeeding pillow might be something you have heard of before, but what exactly is it and why might you need one? This U-shaped pillow can be fitted around the waist of a nursing mother, giving you more support for your back and neck. While they are not a completely necessary accessory for parenthood, many mothers find that they ease the physical strain that can be caused by breastfeeding, especially early on when you will be feeding your baby more often and may be finding it difficult to get them to feed successfully. You may wonder if you could just use a regular pillow for this, but it is the shape of the nursing pillow that makes it so comfortable and useful for feedings. If you are wondering whether they might be useful for you, you may wish to borrow a breastfeeding pillow from a friend to see if you need one in your own parenting arsenal.

How to use breastfeeding pillows

So, how do you use a breastfeeding pillow as a nursing mother? You should place the breastfeeding pillow comfortably around your waist and get it situated before you pick up your baby and settle them into your arms. Some pillows come with straps attached which allows you to secure it to your body - this can be great if you need to shift about during feeding in order to change the angle for comfort. Since some feedings can take time, this can be extremely useful. Once you are settled, you can cradle your baby as close to your body as possible, resting your arms on the pillow for more support. You can rest your baby’s head on the pillow in order to give them extra support, as well. This can be especially good if you are struggling with clogged milk ducts, allowing you to use the dangle method to encourage the flow of milk while keeping your baby secure and comfortable, with their head supported. Resting your baby partially on the pillow can also generally encourage better latching. For you, a breastfeeding pillow can encourage correct posture and keep you from feeling aches and pains later on.

Other uses for nursing pillows

While breastfeeding pillows must not be used for infant sleep, they can have other excellent uses for your baby. For example, you can utilise a nursing pillow during tummy time, when you lay your baby on their stomach so that they can develop different muscles than they do when lying on their backs. You can also use the nursing pillow to help your baby to sit up once they get a little older, helping to provide support for them - with great care that they don’t fall, of course! You can even use a breastfeeding pillow before your baby is born, in order to provide you with extra back support during the later stages of pregnancy, which can be uncomfortable for many mothers to be. If you happen to have a caesarean section, a breastfeeding pillow can reduce the amount of pressure you place on the surgical site while you heal, while still allowing you to feed your baby and get the closeness you want.

Potential side effects

While breastfeeding pillows are highly useful and essential for many parents, they do have some potential side effects. They can be dangerous if you allow your baby to sleep on a breastfeeding pillow, so avoiding this is important. Because breastfeeding pillows do not vary much by size, they can be less comfortable for different body types. If you struggle to get comfy with your breastfeeding pillow, it can make it difficult to hold your baby as close to your body as you want to. In some cases, nursing pillows that do not fit can result in aching back and arm pain for some mothers, so ensuring that you get as settled and comfortable as possible with your pillow is essential. If you find that the pillow is making things less easy and comfortable for you, then going back to a traditional way of feeding might be better for you.

Pick up your perfect nursing pillow

Now that you know how to use breastfeeding pillows, all that is left to do is find your perfect one. For Your Little One has some excellent pattern choices for you, which combine high quality with value for money. All of our products come with a six-month warranty and easy returns if the nursing pillow does not work for you - and you can even enjoy quick UK delivery so you can start to see how a breastfeeding pillow could provide the support you need. As you can see, there are so many reasons to try a breastfeeding pillow to improve the overall comfort of nursing your new baby. You can even choose the perfect pattern to suit your nursery and other items. Explore our range and see what else we offer that could make parenthood that little bit easier.
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