Do I need a moses basket?

One of the key tasks of any expectant parent is to make a list before baby is born of all the equipment that will be needed - and one of the most commonly asked questions is often 'do I need a moses basket?' Here's everything you need to know about this essential piece of baby kit.


About moses baskets

A moses basket is used as a sleeping place for newborn babies. Said to have got its name from baby Moses, who was reported to have been left in a basket on the River Nile, moses baskets have enjoyed plenty of use for many years. Typically made from a wicker basket with handles for easy transportation, a moses basket is essentially a very small cot for new babies. Baskets can be placed on the floor or on a stand, which can be useful for preventing lots of bending down - handy if mum is recovering from a c-section. While a moses basket is quite often one of the first things on a shopping list ahead of the arrival of a new baby, the question is, do you really need one?

Do I need a moses basket?

In short, you'll probably find that a moses basket will come in really handy once your little one has arrived, so here's why you should think about getting one:


Babies sleep a lot, that's a fact. Indeed, according to the NHS, newborns spend up to around 18 hours a day in slumber land. It makes sense, therefore, to provide them with the perfect, cosy, relaxed and confined place to sleep, and moses baskets make for a convenient and comfortable option. Your baby will also get plenty of use out of it, and the basket can be used until they're around 4-6 months of age. New parents also prefer putting their newborn in a moses basket as it feels snug and secure for them, imitating the cosy, confined space baby experienced in the womb - this could help them to sleep better. On the other hand, a newborn baby can look a little lost in a larger cot, and won't have that snug feeling.


Despite being lightweight and seemingly delicate, moses baskets are actually much stronger and sturdier than they look. They offer much more flexibility than cots do, and can even fit into small spaces. Moses baskets are also safe for little ones as there are no gaps around the sides for them to roll through or get trapped in.

Can help the bonding process

Because a moses basket is lightweight, easily transported and relatively small in size, you can move it to whichever room you want baby to be in. Many parents have the moses basket beside their bed at night for the first few months, as this can make night feeds easier. Having baby close by in a moses basket could even help with the bonding process.


Another advantage of using a moses basket is that you can move baby around in it without disturbing it, because the basket is so lightweight to transport. So if baby is napping downstairs in the moses basket and you want to take them up to the nursery later on, you won't need to wake them up. Having a moses basket is ideal if you like the idea of baby being in the same room as you when they're asleep, both during the day and night, rather than leaving them to sleep in a room on their own.


A moses basket offers lots of practical benefits, but there's no doubt that it also makes an attractive and stylish addition to any nursery. There are lots of different types and styles of moses baskets that you can choose from, such as wicker, pod and palm baskets, so you can tailor your basket to suit your individual preferences and nursery setting. You can also choose a plain or neutral style of basket or one in a particular colour. Baskets can also come with hoods that can be adjusted so you can keep the light or sun off baby, particularly if you take them outdoors. Bedding to match the basket and its colours or style are also readily available, and mattresses are also water resistant and breathable, for added comfort, and are easy to keep clean. As well as different types of baskets to choose from, there are various types of stands available. Some can be easily folded away or are adjustable, for convenience, whilst others come with a rocking motion, so are handy for getting your little one to sleep.


With a long list of things to buy before baby arrives, many people might wonder whether getting a moses basket is one of those things that is nice to have, but not essential. The actual fact is, a moses basket is by far one of the most important newborn accessories, and the good news is that they tend to be affordable, too. Plus, if you're thinking of expanding your family further down the line, the moses basket will come in handy for future babies, or will be much-appreciated if handed down to other friends or family members, if it still remains in good condition. This further extends its use and makes it a truly worthwhile investment for anyone starting a family. Even if you don't use your moses basket again after baby has grown out of it, it can still be put to good use as a place to store toys or bedding, or even as a comfy snoozing spot for a fur baby, aka a pet!

Choosing a moses basket supplier

Once you've answered the question of do I need a moses basket with a resounding yes, it's time to think about choosing a supplier. It's always preferable to buy new where you can, unless you can be certain that a basket you've been given/lent is of good standard. Choose a moses basket supplier who specialises in baby items, so you can get all of your other paraphernalia, such as a stand and bedding sets, at the same time, and so that it can all match if needs be. Take a look at the moses baskets available at For Your Little One today.