What travel system to buy to suit your lifestyle and budget

With so much choice available and a variety of leading brands to consider, many parents struggle to decide what travel system to buy. In this blog, we'll outline the main types of travel system to give you an idea of what will work best for your lifestyle. Plus, we'll highlight some popular travel systems from top brands.

What travel system to buy for avid walkers?

2 in 1 travel systems include a pram chassis, pram seat unit and a carrycot. They do not include a car seat, which makes them ideal for parents who don't drive but want a versatile pram that is suitable from birth and will last for several years. 2 in 1 systems save the expense of buying a pram for a newborn and then having to replace it with a whole new pushchair once the baby gets too big for it. The carrycot attachment is used initially and once baby is big enough, they can transition into the seat unit.

A great example of a 2 in 1 travel system is the Venicci Soft travel system. The carrycot is suitable for newborns up until they reach 9kg (20lbs), which is around 9 months old. The seat unit can be used from age 6 months and right up until the little one is around 3 years old. The seat unit is dual facing to suit your preference, and it comes with a footmuff, rain cover and cup holder.

What travel system to buy on a budget that includes a car seat?

3 in 1 travel systems include a pram chassis, a carrycot and a car seat. They're a brilliant way to save money because they tend to be cheaper overall than purchasing each item separately. They allow you to move the car seat straight onto the pram chassis for when you are taking very short walks after driving to your destination. Alternatively, you can store the carrycot in the boot of the car for when you want to take longer walks with the little one.

The Million Dreams 3 in 1 travel system is a brilliant purchase for parents on a budget. It includes everything you need to head out on adventures with your newborn. The car seat is suitable from birth until your baby reaches around a year old, and it can either be belted into the car or used with an ISOFIX base available separately. The carrycot is also suitable for use up to around 12 months, while the seat unit can be used until the little one reaches 22kg which is around five years old. The system also includes a handy coordinating nappy bag which can be stashed away in the storage compartment of the pram chassis when you're on the move.

What travel system to buy for ultimate safety?

All in one travel systems include a pram chassis, a carrycot, a car seat and an ISOFIX base for the car seat. Most travel systems are ISOFIX compatible but with some, you must buy the ISOFIX base separately. These bases connect to the ISOFIX points in the car and can remain there permanently. Car seats clip into the bases, making it really easy to get the seats in and out of the car without fiddling with seatbelts every time. Plus, ISOFIX is significantly safer because it prevents the car seat from shifting around in the event that the vehicle is involved in an accident. If you're planning on using an ISOFIX base with your car seat, it makes sense to buy a travel system that includes one as they tend to work out cheaper than purchasing the base separately.

The ickle bubba Moon i-Size Travel System comes with an ISOFIX base in addition to a pram chassis, car seat, and a carrycot that converts into a seat unit once your little one is old enough to sit up. This system offers fantastic value for money, and it has plenty of handy features such as one-handed folding and a carrycot apron that converts into a footwarmer for the pushchair. The pram can be used from birth right up until the little one turns three, and the i-Size car seat is suitable for newborn babies until they reach 80cm tall, which is around 15 months.

What travel system to buy to get the whole works?

If you're looking to buy everything you need in a single bundle, look out for complete systems which offer a pram chassis, carrycot, seat unit, car seat, ISOFIX base, carry bag and additional accessories like footmuffs, rain covers, and even car window covers. These types of bundles are ideal if you want all of these small elements to match your pushchair perfectly. They're often cheaper overall than purchasing each item individually if you want to stick with the same brand. It's worth noting that these types of bundles are on the pricey side, so be sure you'll use everything included to get good value out of it.

The Venicci Tinum 2.0 Ultralite i-Size Travel System is a great example of a complete bundle. It includes an ISOFIX base, footmuff, luxury changing bag, changing matt, rain cover, mosquito net and car seat adaptors in addition to the chassis, seat unit, carrycot and car seat. It has a reversible seat, adjustable recline and leg rest on the seat unit, one hand fold function, and puncture-free wheels. This is certainly a luxury travel system, and a fantastic choice if you want to cover all bases with a single investment.

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