Why a Footmuff Is Necessary For Your Child in Winter - What to Know

In a few months, autumn will give way to winter. But this does not mean you should leave your child locked inside the home and let the cold months pass. But you shouldn’t expose your little one to the harsh elements either. You and your baby can take a stroll together with the help of winter clothing and accessories, such as a snowsuit, blanket, and footmuff for your stroller.

How does a baby footmuff keep your baby warm?

 A footmuff is an insulating pad that resembles a sleeping bag that you can install on the stroller during winter. It is made of layers of cotton or fleece from the inside that will keep your baby warm. At the same time, the fabric is breathable so that your baby won’t become sticky and irritated with sweat. The footmuff also comes with a hood on top that your baby can wear to protect their ears and head against the biting cold. The result is a cosy trip on the stroller for your child as both of you enjoy the sights and sounds of your leisure walk downtown. 

How is a footmuff better than plain blankets or snowsuits?

Since a footmuff is fastened on the stroller itself, it won’t unravel when your child fidgets around, unlike when you use a blanket. A footmuff also provides more wiggling room for your child, ensuring their comfort. Footmuffs are also more breathable compared to blankets and snowsuits, reducing itches, rashes, and irritation for your child.

How is a baby footmuff used? 

A footmuff is practical and easy to use. It has a side zipper and buttons that you can fasten onto the stroller to keep the warmth around your baby. You can also fasten additional layers if necessary. 

For whom can footmuffs be used?

 Certain types of footmuffs can be used for babies and toddlers. But there are also universal footmuffs whose bottom end you can adjust and extend as your child grows. Instead of buying a new type of footmuff whenever your child outgrows their old one, a universal footmuff would help you save money in the long run. You can also adjust the openings and number of layers depending on the amount of warmth your child needs.

Why do newborns need a footmuff?

The immune systems of newborn babies are still developing. This means that their health is still vulnerable to illnesses associated with cold autumn and winter weather. Prevent colds, coughs, and other respiratory sicknesses from happening by buying your newborn baby a footmuff. Doing so would also save you the hassle from visiting the doctor and comforting your agitated baby.

When is a footmuff used? 

A footmuff is practical and a must whether you’re bringing your baby with you on visits to your friends’ house, a stroll to the park or seaside, or even going to the cold hillsides and open country. Manufacturers have designed footmuffs to withstand cold, biting temperatures linked with these places. Instead of carrying with you a backpack filled with thick jackets, blankets, or snowsuit, you simply place your child on the stroller and strap them onto their footmuff to protect them from the cold. You can save space and time when you use a footmuff.

What should you look for when choosing a stroller footmuff?

Choose a footmuff that lets you attach it on the stroller in few easy steps. You should also be able to detach it quickly when you need to wash it. It is preferable to buy a universal footmuff so that you merely extend its length as your baby grows. Also, consider the climate at the place where you and your little one live. Expect that footmuffs designed to protect against harsher, blizzard-level temperatures would be more expensive than those designed for milder climes.

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