Washing Baby Bedding: How Often Should You Do It?

Hygiene is an essential aspect of your baby’s health. As such, you need to keep their things tidy at all times. But when it comes to washing your baby’s beddings, how often is “often”? The answer to this question really depends on your baby. Some parents wash their baby’s beddings only two or three per week while others have a messier little one, so they have to wash every day. Also, each type of bedding needs to be washed more frequently than others, and here are some of them:

Baby’s Sheets: Wash two times per week 
Your baby’s sheets are among the most frequently soiled type of bedding. Milk and food spills and even your baby’s excreta, sweat, and saliva can turn your sheets into a pigsty. Dust, hair, and dead skin cells also gather and accumulate on the sheets over time. Consequently, your baby’s sheets would attract bacteria and pests that would adversely impact their health. Because of that, your baby’s sheets need to be washed at least every three days, which is twice a week.

Pillowcase: Wash twice a week 
Another type of bedding that needs frequent washing is your baby’s pillowcase. Your baby may drool, vomit, or stain their pillowcase, which can turn their pillow into a magnet and breeding ground for germs and pests. That said, you also have to remove, wash, and replace the pillowcase every three days. On the other hand, you can wash the pillow at least once a month to remove accumulated dust and dirt that can trigger allergies for your baby.

Crib bumper: Wash and replace at least once per week

A crib bumper cushions your baby’s soft head against the hard surfaces and edges of their crib. The crib bumper also keeps your baby steady, preventing them from falling out of their cribbed. 

Many parents buy a crib bumper for their baby as a matter of safety. However, the crib bumper may also get stained just like the sheets. Leaving the crib bumper dirty for too long will be unsanitary for your baby. Hence, you have to wash it as well.

If your little one is particularly fidgety and sloppy, you might have to wash the bumper at least once every week. Otherwise, washing the bumper every month is enough. When washing the bumper in the washing machine, set the cycle to gentle mode to prevent damage.

Blanket and comforter: Wash at least every two weeks
Another commonly-stained type of baby bedding is your baby’s blanket and comforter. You also have to wash them often, but not as often as your sheets. Washing these items every two weeks would be enough. But when washing your blanket and comforter, always use the lower cycle settings of your washing machine to keep them soft. Too much force can rip the exterior surface off. Also, use only cold water to protect the fibre from heat denaturation.

Mattress pad: Clean at least once a month 

Since your baby’s mattress pad is covered by sheets, you don’t have to wash it as frequently as your sheets. But certain stains may also penetrate through the sheets and reach your mattress pad surface. Dirt, dust, skin, and hair may also be trapped along the seams and accumulate. For this reason, you have to clean your baby’s mattress pad at least once a month to remove potential allergens. Take the mattress outside and use a brush and rug beater to remove the debris. If your crib mattress is waterproof, you can simply wash off the stains using water.

Your baby’s immune system is still weak, so you have to maintain a clean environment for them. Washing their bedding and sheets will keep the germs and bacteria away, ensuring the protection for your baby.

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