Venicci Tinum Range

New and expecting parents often have to face the tough challenge of figuring out what their baby will need once it arrives in this world. Their shopping lists always contains a baby crib, a car seat, and another very important thing – a stroller. Nowadays, it takes a lot of knowledge and good research skills to be able to find the perfect stroller for your child. So many companies are dedicated to creating the perfect travel system, which makes it harder for parents to choose the right one. To help you make a better choice without any problems, there are several things that you should ask yourself before you purchase a stroller:

- Do you already have a car seat or are you planning on buying one later?

- How old is your child?

- How much money are you willing to spend on a stroller?

After asking yourself these questions and somewhat narrowing the list down, there will still be a lot of things to consider before purchasing a stroller. Maybe at this point, you should also think about purchasing a stroller from an established company that has received praises from parents but also other companies on the market.

At the moment, there is no better manufacturer of travel systems than Venicci. For years their team has done their very best to create products that follow the highest standards but are also affordable. So far, they have come up with some amazing designs and solutions, but their very best product to this day is still the Venicci Tinum. We can support this claim by mentioning only some of the awards that the company has won so far for this amazing stroller:

  • The bronze prize at the 2020 Absolutely Mama Awards.
  • A finalist spot at the 2020 Progressive Preschool Awards.
  • The platinum prize for the best innovative travel system and an additional gold prize for best travel system over £500, both at the 2020 Loved by Parents Awards.

After saying this, you must have at least some idea about how amazing this stroller is. However, if you are not sold on it yet, we can give you even more information on the stroller and what makes it the best choice for you and your child.


Product Details

Venicci’s Tinum is one of the lightest strollers that are available on the market. It is also very convenient because you can fold it and put it together with only the click of a button. Aside from the quick folding option, the stroller is gorgeous and designed with much thought. There are several colour options available so you can choose the one that you like best. There are camo black, camo grey, light grey, and regular grey colours to choose from. The frame is made from lightweight aluminium, while the fabrics throughout it are luxurious and soft to the touch.

At For Your Little One, you can purchase the Tinum as either a 2-in-1 or a 3-in-1 travel system. There is a slight difference in the price, with the 2-in-1 travel system being around £100 cheaper than the 3-in-1 travel system that costs £699. Aside from the difference in the price, there is a difference in the items included in these two systems. Here is what you get at the price of these travel systems:

3-in-1 Venicci Tinum FrameCarrycotSeat unitCar SeatChanging bagApronChanging matRain cover for both carrycot and seat unitMosquito net for both carrycot and seat unitCar Seat Adapters  
2-in-1 Venicci Tinum FrameCarrycotSeat unitChanging bagApronChanging matRain cover for both carrycot and seat unitMosquito net for both carrycot and seat unit

Depending on whether you already have a car seat or you are yet to buy one, you can go for the first or the second option of Venicci’s Tinum. If you do not have a car seat, it might be best to purchase the 3-in-1 system that gives you elements that are completely compatible and come at a lower price since you are purchasing the whole bundle. If you have a car seat already, you should look into the 2-in-1 system that comes without a car seat. Mind you, not all car seats can fit the Tinum, so make sure to check if your car seat is compatible with this stroller’s frame.

The best part about these multi-piece travel systems is the fact that you can use them for a longer period – the stroller is made out of a high-quality frame that can fit a carrycot, seat unit, and car seat. If you buy the bundle at once, you will also get the seat adapters, so you will be able to switch between the two or three types of seats without any problem. These types of multi-piece travel systems have completely compatible elements that are easy to use, mount or dismount without any special tools. Buying everything at once will also cost you a lot less money than separately buying a stroller for a newborn, a car seat, and a pushchair for an older child.

Babies tend to grow very fast. They will need a stroller with a carrycot for only a short time. Carrycots are typically used only for a newborn baby or a very young child, so you might use it for only a few months. Venicci’s carrycot is very comfortable – it has a soft mattress and a very luxurious cotton lining that will give your child the best experience. Aside from the gorgeous design, the carrycot from Venicci’s Tinum offers great ventilation that will keep your baby cool throughout the year. Here are some details about the carrycot:

Dimensions 95 cm in length 57 cm in width 107 cm in height
Weight Around 5 kg
Suitability 0-9 kg

Once the baby starts to sit up, you will have to say bye-bye to the carrycot and move on to the seat unit. The seat unit can be attached to the frame in two positions – either front or rear-facing. The backrest on the seat unit is easily adjustable, while the bumper is also adjustable and makes your child even safer. You can use this seat unit for both babies and children up to 22 kg in weight. This means that you will be able to use it for at least a couple of years. Here are some details on the seat unit:

Seat Unit
Dimensions 95 cm in length 57 cm in width 103 cm in height
Weight Around 4.4 kg
Suitability 0-22 kg

Those that decide on the 3-in-1 travel system will also get a car seat included in the bundle. If you want to use the car seat instead of the seat unit or carrycot, you can easily attach it to the frame using the adaptors that the company provides. The car seat can also be used as a carrier in some cases, like for example when you first leave the hospital with your newborn. Without a car seat, you might not even be allowed to leave the hospital, so you must consider buying one before your baby is born. Here are some details on the car seat that is included in the 3-in-1 Tinum:

Car Seat
Dimensions 95 cm in length 57 cm in width 103 cm in height
Weight Around 3.2 kg
Suitability 0-13 kg

Last but not least, we should mention a few words about the frame of the Tinum. It is made from an aluminium alloy that makes is very light and easy to push. It is also very easy to fold or open – the only thing you need to do is push a button to change it. Here are some details about the frame:

Dimensions 62.5 cm in length 57 cm in width 27 cm in height
Weight Around 7.2 kg
Suitability Adaptors to attach carrycot, seat unit, or car seat.

These are only some of the basic facts that you should know before you purchase Venicci’s Tinum. If you want to see more about Venicci’s Tinum 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 travel systems, you can do so at our website.

Product Functionality

One of the reasons why we love Venicci’s Tinum and recommend it to parents is because of its functionality. There are so many benefits to this stroller – from the one-hand folding option to the high-quality frame, the luxurious fabrics used, and so much more. To show you just what you will get from this stroller if you decide to buy it, we will also go over all of its special features in greater detail. Here is what you have to know:

Quick Folding Option

We have mentioned this option a couple of times but we are mentioning it again because we cannot stress it enough! This is such a wonderful option because it makes things so much easier for parents. Imagine if you have to hold your child while folding a regular stroller – it will be nearly impossible to do it without going through some trouble. With this thought in mind, Venicci made this stroller easy to fold even with one hand. On top of that, there is a handle that you can use to carry the stroller around once you fold it.

Easy Folding With Attached Seat Unit

Not only will you be able to fold the stroller with one hand only, but you will also not have to worry about taking the seat unit out before you do so. Might we add that the seat unit is easily attached and detached thanks to the amazing design of this stroller? Even if you want to remove the seat before you fold the stroller, this can be done in only a few seconds and without much trouble. Just a click of a few buttons and the stroller will be ready for storage!

Great for Traveling

The entire stroller weights no more than 13 kg even when you have a seat unit attached. That makes it perfect to carry around or travel with! As we have mentioned before, the stroller has a comfortable handle when folded that will help you carry it around as if you were carrying a regular bag. It is highly recommended for parents who love to travel with their child!

High-quality Frame

The frame is made from aluminium, which makes it so light weighted. Also, the frame has a very comfortable handle so the stroller is easy to push around.  

UV-Resistant Fabric

If you but this stroller, you will not have to worry about your child during the hot summer days. The fabric on the stroller has a UV 50+ filter that will keep the child protected from the sun’s damaging rays. If you want to, you can also add a stroller parasol for additional protection.

Water-Repellent Fabric

The fabric used on this stroller is not only going to protect your child from the sun, but it will also protect it from the rain! Since the entire stroller is made from water-repellent fabric, the child will be protected in the case of an unexpected shower.

Leatherette Parts on Stroller


This is an innovative technique that Venicci decided to use on this stroller – the leatherette is amazing because it has anti-allergenic specs, it is impossible to overheat, and it cannot grow hard during the colder part of the year. This makes the stroller perfect to use during all seasons and in all types of weather.

High-Quality Wheels

The front wheels can rotate and move in all possible directions, which makes the stroller easy to push. You can buy additional front or rear wheel tubes from Venicci’s official website for a great price and attach them to your stroller with little to no effort.

Safety Harness

One of the best features of the stroller is the 5-point safety harness that it features. The harness makes it easy to strap the child up to prevent it from falling. You can find this high-quality harness on both the seat unit and the car seat.

Bundle Variations

As we have mentioned so far, there is both a 3-in-1 and a 2-in-1 bundle version of this stroller. The former includes a carrycot, seat unit, and car seat, while the latter includes a carrycot and seat unit only. You can find more information about the bundles on the company’s official website or at For Your Little One, where they come at a discounted price.

Venicci’s Tinum SE

In addition to the Tinum that has been on the market for some time now, Venicci is gearing up to launch the Tinum Special Edition stroller – a luxurious travel system that is currently available only for pre-order on Venicci’s website. The official launch should be in May 2021, when this 10-piece bundle becomes available to everyone. The estimated price of this stroller currently stands at £829. We strongly advise you to consider this stroller if you are not on a tight budget or if you are not in a hurry to buy a travel system right away. 

Purchase Venicci’s Tinum from For Your Little One!

We hope that all the information we have shared with you so far convinced you to at least look at Venicci’s Tinum. If you like what you have read so far and want to purchase the stroller, you can do that from our website.

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