Where can you buy pregnancy pillows and nursing pillows?

Maternity pillows are a fantastic way to improve sleep quality during sleep, and they have many handy uses far beyond pregnancy that make them a valuable investment. But where can you buy pregnancy pillows, and what makes for a good quality pregnancy pillow? Let's take a look.


What are pregnancy pillows?

Pregnancy pillows are long - usually between nine and twelve feet - malleable pillows designed to be wrapped around the body during sleep to relieve pressure and improve comfort. They can provide support for a heavy baby bump, help to relieves aches and pain in the hips and lower back, and generally improve sleeping posture to ensure a better night's rest. During pregnancy, women are advised to sleep on their side to promote good blood circulation. However, this position can be really uncomfortable, particularly when the baby bump gets big during the last few months. A pregnancy pillow can be positioned to support the bump and any other parts of the body susceptible to aches and pains in order to make it easier to achieve this healthy side-sleeping position without any pain. Getting good quality sleep is really important during pregnancy because the body uses so much energy to grow the baby. Many women find that they sleep better and for longer with a pregnancy pillow because they are not woken up by uncomfortable aches and pains.


How can pregnancy pillows be used after pregnancy?

Pregnancy pillows are often used long after pregnancy simply because they are so comfy! With a newborn in the house it is natural for mums to get less sleep than normal, but it's vital that every second of sleep is as good quality as possible. If a pregnancy pillow makes for more comfortable sleep even after giving birth, why not use it for as long as possible? Many women also find their pregnancy pillows incredibly useful during breastfeeding. They can be used to support the lower back in the sitting position, or they can be laid across the lap to help raise baby up towards the breast and reduce the need to hunch over and put strain on the neck and shoulders.


Where can you buy pregnancy pillows?

The benefits of maternity pillows are clear to see and, since they're a reasonably low cost item, they make for a brilliant investment. We recommend buying one right at the start of your pregnancy in order to ensure your body gets the right support as it gradually changes over the course of nine months. So where can you buy pregnancy pillows? Most mother and baby shops sell maternity pillows, but you might also find them at health shops and bigger pharmacies that have ranges of maternity products. We sell pregnancy pillows here at For Your Little One. We have a range of sizes, colours, and designs available, with prices starting from just £19.99. Our maternity pillows are constructed from anti-allergenic materials to prevent them from clinging onto dust and debris that could pose a health risk to you and your baby. Plus, they are filled with premium grade hollow fibre, which offers a good balance of firmness and malleability to ensure optimum support.


What qualities should you look for in a good pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows should not be so soft that the body sinks into them very easily. They must be firm enough to provide good support, but not so firm that they feel hard and uncomfortable. Although not essential, many people opt for a maternity pillow made from anti-allergenic materials that help to keep the pillow fresh and hygienic. Not only can this reduce the risk of allergic reaction for an expectant mum, but it also makes the pillow safer for baby should it be used during breastfeeding. Maternity pillows should be used with a cover. This helps to protect the pillow against exposure to moisture, dirt, and debris in order to extend its lifespan and make it more hygienic. It's not uncommon for anybody to sweat during sleep, but sweating is particularly common during pregnancy when hormones can cause hot flushes. A removable, washable cover is therefore vital for a pregnancy pillow that is set to be laid very close to the body. Furthermore, if the pillow is set to be used for breastfeeding it is particularly important that it is kept as clean as possible to minimise the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) in babies. It will also likely become exposed to spilled milk, spittle, and other fluids when used for breastfeeding, so a removeable cover will go a long way in keeping the pillow clean.


Is a pregnancy pillow different to a nursing pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a large, long pillow designed to support the pregnant body during sleep. A nursing pillow is a small U-shaped pillow designed to be placed around mum's waist to support baby during breastfeeding. Many people use their pregnancy pillows instead of a nursing pillow to aid with breastfeeding, which is why the two types of pillow are often confused. When breastfeeding, it is common for women to find themselves hunched over their baby as they struggle to comfortably hold the little one up high enough to reach the breast. This can cause back, shoulder, and neck pain for mum, and it can make it tricky for baby to latch on. A nursing pillow is designed to lift baby up higher and support their weight so that mum can sit back and feel much more comfortable. It makes it easier to bring baby up to the breast rather than bring the breast to baby. Plus, a nursing pillow can give mum a spare hand to manipulate their breast and help baby to latch more efficiently. A pregnancy pillow can be laid across the lap to serve as a nursing pillow if you'd prefer not to have to buy a separate nursing pillow. However, many mums find it helpful to use a pregnancy pillow to support their back and shoulders while also using a nursing pillow around their waist to support baby's weight. Be sure to check out our full range of nursing products to decide if a maternity pillow, nursing pillow, or combination of both is right for you and your baby. Approve and download Request rewrite
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