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Nursing Products

Get everything you’ll need to nurse your baby with the utmost care here at For Your Little One. Whether you’re looking for nursing pillows, muslins, breastfeed covers, or more, we have all the top quality products for you to choose from that will assist you and your baby in those precious moments. Let us make those intimate moments between mother and baby that bit more special with any of our top nursing products. Browse our full nursing pillow and maternity pillow collection now and get prepared.

We know how uncomfortable and stressful it can be, having to adapt to your baby’s needs and preferences, so we have found a few of the most helpful things to help get you through the tougher times. We have a range of Unisex Nursing products, all of which provide extra comfort for when you need it most; from giving you that little bit more support whilst resting when pregnant to giving your baby’s head something to rest on whilst breast feeding.

The very popular nursing pillows and pregnancy pillows are available in a range of colours; the Nursing pillows are available in a variety of materials such as fleece and cotton, also including patterned designs like polka dots and animal orientated pictures as well as a variety of colours. They can confidently be called an expecting mothers best friend because of the many advantages of owning a Nursing pillow. Even before birth, the nursing pillow has its uses, for example, an expecting mother can use it to help with neck and back pains or it can serve as a cushion between sore knees. You could use it alternatively as support for your growing tummy when you want to rest properly.

Maternity pillows are available in two sizes; 9ft and 12ft, and come in four different colours (Cream, White, Pink and Light Blue). They are the best solution to not being able to get comfortable at night, or if you are having aches and pains while lying down. Made in a ‘U’ shape to fit round your body and give you support and comfort in every position. We also have 9ft and 12ft Maternity pillow covers in different colours. All materials used are anti allergenic and machine washable.   

Breastfeeding covers are one of the most important items you will need during your baby’s first few months if you are breastfeeding as they allow you to comfortably and discreetly breastfeed your child anywhere and at any time without disrupting the peace if you are in a public place. The cover is designed to shield your child feeding from unwanted spectators, while still being able to have a full view of your baby with adjustable straps on the shoulders that allow you to manipulate the neckline of the cover to keep all important eye contact with them. All Breastfeeding covers are made out of breathable cotton, machine washable, generous sizes and with finished seams and modern designs to compliment the wearer as much as possible.

We have a huge selection of Cotton Muslin squares available in packs of 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24, all 70cm x 70cm and in a choice of colours/ designs such as Polka Dots and multi-coloured stripes. Muslin Squares are quite possibly the most useful item when it comes to baby related muck. They can be used for almost any task involving making a mess, like burping after a meal or as a towel for your baby after washing them. The soft cotton squares soak up almost any liquid spill and are super easily machine washed. All items listed are brand new and quality checked for the best use possible by you.