Baby Jogger Seat Liners
Finding compatible accessories for branded pushchairs can seem like a hassle, but we've got a wide range of universal pushchair, pram and stroller accessories to help. Let's take a look at the best pram liner for Baby Jogger pushchairs, and give you a few pointers on choosing the right accessories for your pram.

What are Baby Jogger pushchairs?

Baby Jogger produces pushchairs designed for active parents who want to go running, jogging or hiking with their little one. Lightweight and compact, Baby Jogger pushchairs are similar to the likes of the Hauck Runner Stroller and the Kinderkraft All Road Pushchair, both of which are durable and versatile enough to handle adventures on all terrains.

Do I need to use a Baby Jogger pram liner with a Baby Jogger pram?

It's important to find a pram liner that fits your pram correctly to ensure it doesn't shift around, bunch up, cover the baby's face or make the baby uncomfortable. Plus, pram liners usually have holes constructed into them through which the pram's harness straps will fit, and these must be positioned in exactly the right places to ensure the baby can be strapped in correctly. There is no universal size for prams or pushchairs, and with dimensions varying between brands and models, there's no guarantee that just any pram liner will fit a Baby Jogger pram liner. Many people opt to buy pram liners from the same brand as their pushchair to make sure it fits. However, branded pram accessories can often be more expensive than generic ones. Instead, you can look for a universal pram liner that is designed to fit almost any pushchair. Here at For Your Little One, we have created a wide variety of different accessories for pushchairs with universal sizing. Our universal pram liners and footmuffs have been carefully designed with multiple harness strap holes to ensure compatibility with 99% of pushchairs, strollers and prams. With that in mind, we think the best pram liner for Baby Jogger Pushchairs is our Universal Broderie Anglaise Pushchair Seat Liner which is available in four pretty pastel shades.

What's the difference between a footmuff and a pram liner?

Pram liners consist of a single layer that simply lies against the pushchair seat for the baby to sit or lie on. Footmuffs are more like sleeping bags. Baby is zipped up inside the footmuff so that their chest, legs and feet are covered up. Footmuffs are designed to keep the baby warm, whereas pram liners are primarily designed to act as a washable barrier between the baby's skin and the pushchair seat. Liners help to make your baby feel more comfortable, and in summer they can help to wick away sweat should your baby get warm. Footmuffs are particularly helpful in autumn and winter when it gets really cold and your baby needs an extra layer of warmth and protection against the harsh wind. Some footmuffs are convertible into pram liners when they are fully unzipped. These are ideal if you're looking for something suitable for year-round use.

What features should I look out for when buying pram liners and footmuffs?

It's really handy to pick up machine-washable pushchair liners and footmuffs. This way you can simply throw them in to wash with the rest of your baby's sheets or clothes. Since liners and footmuffs sit right up against the baby's skin, it's really important to keep them clean. They can begin to harbour dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria when left unwashed, and these could lead to health problems or skin irritation for your baby. A second factor to consider is the type of material a liner or footmuff is made from. You want this to feel soft and cosy to help your baby feel soothed and relaxed and to minimise the risk of skin irritation. Footmuffs with soft, breathable fleece linings are a brilliant choice. They also help to keep the baby nice and warm. In summer a lighter material is a better choice. Look for liners that have a soft, silky texture and a very slight amount of padding. Finally, consider fastenings when choosing a footmuff. Many of them fasten with zips, but some have zips on just one side which can make it a little tricky to get a wriggling baby in and out. Double-sided zips are a convenient choice. If you're looking at extra thick and warm footmuffs, those with a zip right up the front can help position the baby's feet comfortably.

What other pushchair accessories should I consider?

Pushchair rain covers are an essential item if you'll frequently be heading out on walks when there's a chance of rain. Not only do they keep your baby dry but they also help to shield them from the wind. We have a range of universal raincovers available which have Velcro straps to help you get the perfect fit no matter what brand of pushchair you have. Parasols are a handy accessory for the summertime. It's really important to avoid sun exposure for the baby. Not only are infants' delicate skin at increased risk of sunburn, but overheating is associated with an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If you're planning on taking long walks or sitting baby outside in their pram on hot summer days, a parasol will provide them with shade to stay cool and avoid sunburn. It's not recommended to simply lay a blanket over the top of the pram to create shade as this can inhibit airflow and increase the risk of overheating. Using a pram parasol instead means that airflow isn't restricted and baby will stay as cool as possible. In addition to these accessories, you might also want to consider pushchair hoods, buggy clips and ride on boards. Check out our full range of pushchair accessories now to see what's on offer.
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