What is the best place to buy a baby travel system?

What is the best place to buy a baby travel system?

Baby travel systems are such a convenient choice, they regularly top the to-buy lists of new and expecting parents. A travel system generally means you have one set of buggy wheels which can attach to a carrycot, pushchair, and even a car seat. But where is the best place to buy your baby’s travel system? At For Your Little One, we understand that safety is the most important thing for your baby; but we also want to make sure you get the best selection for your budget, plenty of choices, and the information you need to find the exact right product for your family. We understand the alternatives as well: you may wish to go into a brick-and-mortar shop to select your travel system, or you might like the convenience of Amazon. But did you know that For Your Little One has been operating since 2011 and that we were shortlisted for both the Project Baby Awards in 2021 and the Mother & Baby Awards in 2022? We have a large customer base who have been loyal to us for years and recommend us for our great range of products and excellent customer service.

What are the most important features to look out for when purchasing a travel system?

According to top parenting site Mumsnet, one of the biggest advantages of buying a travel system is that you can use it from newborn up until your baby is well into walking. Some of their top tips include: - Check that the carrycot attachment fully reclines, making it a flat, safe sleep surface for newborns. The advantage of the carrycot is also that you’ll be able to easily detach it from the wheel chassis and carry it elsewhere without waking your sleeping baby. - Have a good look at the terrain you’ll mostly be walking on with your baby. There are excellent off-road travel systems with wheels that support even the muddiest walk and more lightweight city options. Depending on your needs, both have advantages. - Check that the system you select fits well into your car. Some larger travel systems may not fold small enough to fit into a smaller car and would therefore not be very convenient. - Always ensure the car seat included in your travel system meets the current UK safety standards. On that note, never buy a used car seat to go with a travel system (or even without one) as you won’t know whether it has potentially been in an accident, rendering it unsafe for your baby. - Pick a car seat that is compatible with your baby’s age and weight. Group 0 will work well up until 10kg, 0+ up to 13kg, and i-size is height-dependent but can be used from roughly 40 to 105cm. All of these are rear-facing, which is what you’ll want while your baby is still very small.

What questions should you ask yourself and your retailer when buying your travel system?

Before you go to select the perfect colour or style (as fun as that is!), ask yourself what you need when buying a travel system for your baby: - Does this car seat fit my baby? - Does it fit in my car? - Does the travel system adhere to current UK safety regulations, including car seat safety rules? - How heavy are the different components? - How well will it grow with my child (particularly the car seat, see above)? - For additional help with your selection, The Lullaby Trust also have a handy car seat fact sheet.

What are the top 3 best bundles available for you to buy?

1. At the more expensive end, but heavily endorsed by such websites as Made For Mums and award-winning, comes the Venicci Tinum 3in1 Travel System. It’s suitable from birth up until about 22kg, with the car seat being a practical i-size that will work for your baby up to approximately 13kg. The pushchair weighs a comfy 12kg, folds well, and is especially good for taller parents who don’t want to feel hunched when pushing their pram. We offer a great selection of different combinations of this system, including this beautiful neutral one in the Gold Island colour and the economical but equally smart Magnetic Grey. 2. Kinderkraft is a popular brand when it comes to budget-friendly baby purchases. The Xmoov 3in1 system is no exception. It’s good from birth until about 22kg, with the included car seat being suitable for up to 13kg. It’s not an i-size car seat, but still usable for newborns from birth. The pushchair is even lighter than the Venicci at 11.8kg, and the carrycot converts to the pushchair seat attachment. This can be especially beneficial if you need extra space and don’t want two separate attachments. Our selection includes the Xmoov in black, grey, and economical denim, which is currently one of the most budget-friendly travel systems we have available at only £299. All our Xmoov travel systems even come with an included nappy-change bag and mat! 3. Somewhere in the middle budget-wise lies the Ickle Bubba Moon. Ickle Bubba is a popular brand and is especially well-known for its generous warranty of 4 years. The Moon 3in1 travel system is suitable from birth to 15kg, so even longer than the other two systems above. It comes with a compatible Isofix base for your car, and a car seat that’s suitable for up to 13kg. It’s a lightweight pram system but not an off-road buggy, so if you’re looking for a great city pushchair or travel system, this may just be the one for you. A popular neutral colour option for the Ickle Bubba Moon is the highly budget-friendly Silver Grey bundle which even includes an Isofix base. So, did you find your perfect travel system? Why not check out our full product range; if you need any assistance, we’re always happy to answer any of your questions.
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