What is a pram suit for a baby?
Let’s face it, the UK is not exactly known for its stable, dry, and sunny weather. Depending on where in Great Britain you are located, you may even see more grey clouds and drizzle than sunshine on an average day. In fact, the UK faces an average of 148 days of rain per year. There are reasons aplenty to carry cover-ups for your baby, and yourself! A great pushchair with a rain cover and foot muff will do well at keeping your little one dry and cosy - but what is a pram suit for a baby, and how can it help?

What is a pram suit for a baby?

Pram suits are exactly what they sound like – baby suits for your little one to wear in their buggy, keeping them warm and dry in any weather. They’re all-in-one pieces that work like a full-body jacket or protective onesie. Pram suits come in a variety of options. There are padded downy ones that are just like adult winter jackets, fleece options to keep your baby cosy during cooler rides in their pram, and everything in between. There are also versions with covered hands and feet, and pram suits that are open. Finding out what is a pram suit for a baby and using it is a little like deciding on a sleeping bag instead of a blanket for your baby to use at night. Pram suits are convenient as baby stays snug inside them and can’t wriggle a foot or hand out into the cold air. Pram suits are also a safe option when you don’t want baby to wriggle underneath a blanket in their buggy. Pram suits also keep your baby protected from drizzly weather and (once they’re a little older) dirt, should they choose to get out of their pushchair for a little adventure. Pram suits are always washable, just like a jacket would be. Regardless of muddy adventures or lunchtime accidents, they can quickly be thrown into the washing machine and cleaned up for baby’s next outing.

Can I use a pram suit with my pushchair?

Pram suits are usable with any pram, as they still have arms and legs, unlike a baby sleeping bag. Therefore, pram suits are a great option to use in any pushchair including carry cots. The only times we would advise against the use of a pram suit are when using a baby carrier or a travel system. That is because your baby (and you) would get too warm with a pram suit and a baby carrier or sling. Besides this, a bulky pram suit would not be very comfortable for either of you when used inside a baby carrier. In the case of travel systems, pram suits are just fine when you are using your car seat attached to its stroller wheels. In this case, baby will be just as cosy and safe as when in an ordinary pushchair. However, we wouldn’t recommend using a pram suit in the car seat inside a car, as any bulky clothing can change the way the seatbelts work. At worst, this may make the car seat a lot less safe in the event of an accident. Pram suits are a fabulous option in any other instance, and will work with any pushchair, pram, or buggy. They’re great for any age as well, from the littlest babies to older toddlers, and make a great alternative to blankets, which may be kicked off or lost.

What are some other great accessories for my pushchair?

Now that you’ve rightly added some pram suits to your baby gift registry, what else is a good choice to keep your baby cosy in their pram? At For Your Little One, we offer a selection of pushchair footmuffs – a great alternative or addition to the pram suit. Footmuffs can be removed and washed, but have the added benefit that they can also be left attached to your buggy, so you’ll never forget them. Pushchair seat liners can be a lovely way of making your pram extra soft and comfy. These come in a variety of colours and options, and can be a lovely touch to show off whether you have a little girl or boy riding along in their carriage. Parasols are great for those sunnier days (always use a parasol and never cover your pram with a sheet or blanket). Transparent rain covers are essential for the less lovely days and offer both protection from getting wet and visibility for both you and your little one. Lastly, our wide range of stylish changing bags will contain all of baby’s extra needs. They’re also spacious enough to let you pack away that pram suit, should it get too warm.

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