Tips for Flying with a Baby

The summer holiday season is a booming time of year for travel. For many parents with school-aged children, it’s the only window of opportunity for a well-needed family holiday. 

It’s normal for even the most experienced tourists to feel apprehensive about travelling with a baby. That’s why For Your Little One is here to assist with your holiday-related queries. Then you can get on with the fun stuff!


When can you take a baby on a plane?

There is no official age when babies are legally allowed to travel by plane, though generally, airlines expect infants to be at least two weeks old before they board. 

We recommend checking each airline’s policies before booking to avoid any stress or confusion.


Can you take baby formula on a plane?

Flying can make your newborn thirsty, so baby formula is allowed on a plane. If needed, the onboard crew can provide you with boiling water. 

You could even pick up a nifty bottle warmer and steriliser that you can use on the go. These are a perfect solution for long-haul flights.

Scan our array of Baby Bottles And Accessories for a handy, portable feeding option. 


Where do you change a baby on a plane?

Changing a baby can be a challenging task alone, never mind adding turbulence to the mix.

Stow a baby changing bag as part of your hand luggage for easy access to your changing essentials, but make sure they align with luggage restrictions. 

Most large planes have a changing table on board in at least one of their toilets. It could be worth contacting your airline ahead of time to get yourself seated close to these toilets. 

Other, smaller planes are a bit trickier. So again, check with your airline, but worst-case scenario, you may have to get inventive. 

  • Put the toilet seat down and use it as a makeshift changing table.

  • Book seating on the bulkhead rows and perform your changing routine at your seat. Since these rows have a divider in front of them, there is more privacy and space to manoeuvre.


Do I need to check in my pram?

Some airlines let you keep your pushchair with you right up to the boarding gate, whilst others may require you to check it in and borrow a pushchair at the airport.

Our best pushchair solution is a 3 in 1 Travel System. This product incorporates a pushchair, carrycot, and car seat, ensuring you can adapt to any situation.

These travel systems are quickly collapsing and incredibly portable, so there’s less fuss if you need to check the pram in.

Check out our trusty Ickle Bubba Travel Systems and our slick Venicci Travel Systems for a nifty, time-saving way to travel. 


Where do babies sit on a plane?

Infants under two can sit on your lap if you’d like. Any older, or if you’d prefer the extra space for your baby, you must book a seat for them and yourself. 

That said, it’s always worth asking if your baby is eligible for seat discounts. 

For secure seating, enquire with your airline about using a car seat onboard the flight. In addition, you may want to check if this car seat affects your hand luggage allowance.

Travelling with a baby may seem daunting, especially if you’re new to parenthood. But, hopefully, this list of baby holiday essentials has assured you that it’s nothing you can’t handle!

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