The best pushchair for toddlers in 2022

Every mother knows that their children outgrow many products over the years - cots, beds, trainers and, most notably, pushchairs. While newborns have specific requirements when it comes to pushchairs or buggies, like lying flat and having adequate protection from the sun, toddlers have different needs. Your little bundle of joy is walking now and needs a pushchair they can quickly get in and out of without all the extra fuss involved. But which pushchair is best for your toddler’s needs? Keep reading on to find out more about the best pushchair for toddlers in 2022.


What to look for when pushchair shopping for your toddler

It’s no secret that your toddler has very different needs from their pushchair than when they were a newborn. The days of trying to find a shady path to walk on while your baby snoozed wrapped in blankets throughout the day are long gone, and you now need a pushchair that’s lightweight and can withstand your toddler getting in and out multiple times per journey. While you may have opted for a bulkier buggy when your child was younger, now’s the time to invest in a lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre pushchair that lets you move your little one’s weight around with ease. You want to be able to store your pushchair at home without taking up crazy amounts of space and for it to be comfortable enough for afternoon naps when needed. While there is a wide range of pushchairs available on the market, the one that’s best for you depends on your needs and lifestyle. If you’re someone who lives in the city and needs a pushchair that can easily be folded up and stored in seconds, you probably have different requirements than someone who needs a pushchair that can withstand countryside walks. No matter your needs, we have the best pushchair for toddlers in 2022.


Ickle Bubba Discovery Max Stroller

If you’re looking for a fashionable stroller for transporting your toddler in, look no further than the Ickle Bubba Discovery Max Stroller. This pushchair is suitable for children 6 months and up and has 3 shoulder height positions you can choose from that can be adjusted as your child grows big and strong. This pushchair is great if you’d like extra space for your toddler. It also has the following benefits: • Long lasting - Suitable for children ages 6 months - 4 years • Stylish - Gorgeous colour scheme of blue denim on silver with leather handles • Warm - This pushchair comes with a cosy quilted seat liner and footmuff • Easy to clean - Simply wipe the pushchair down as and when needed • Weather friendly - This pushchair comes with an extendable UPF 500 hood and full-length rain cover • Storage - Storage pouch, basket and cup holder so you can store all your little one’s things in the pushchair • Nap-friendly - Can be reclined into a lie-flat position for naps • Easy to store - Can be folded up with one hand in seconds • Comfortable - Spacious seating and footrest for extra comfort • Safe - This pushchair has a hood viewing window so you can keep an eye on your toddler at all times • Lightweight - This pushchair only weighs 7kg, a welcomed treat from the heavier pushchairs!


Kinderkraft All Road Pushchair

While some pushchairs are designed specifically for babies and toddlers, there are other pushchairs out there that can be used by both babies and toddlers alike. If you’re a mama who spends her days out and about in the town or city, you need a pushchair that can weather all the bumps and cracks experienced on the pavement. The Kinderkraft All Road Pushchair was designed specifically for urban use, so you can rest assured that those pesky bumps in the road won’t affect your journey with your little one. Even better, this pushchair is great for mamas and kids who frequent public transport as it can be packed up and stored away quickly with one hand. Other features of this stroller include: • Safe - This stroller was designed with an auto lock so you won’t have to worry about it self-folding when commuting or out and about • Adjustable - Suitable from birth, this pram comes with five adjustment levels that can easily be changed depending on your toddler’s size • Comfortable - This pushchair comes with a four-position footrest adjustment, making it comfortable for your toddler when out and about or when settling down for a nap • Sturdy - Featuring shock absorbers on all four wheels, your child will have a smooth and comfortable journey no matter the road conditions • Convenient - This pushchair has swivel front wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees for easy riding • Adaptable - Easily adjust the pushchair to be forward facing or rear facing depending on your requirements • Storage - Enjoy up to 5 kg of storage space, making it the perfect pushchair for shopping journies • Weather-friendly - Comes with a large waterproof hood that’s made with UPF 50+ fabric


The best pushchair for toddlers in 2022

If you’re looking for the best pushchair for your toddler, think long and hard about your needs and requirements. Do you need a stroller that’s designed for urban living that can withstand all the bumps found on pavement walks or are you looking for a pushchair that’s spacious enough for a countryside journey? How often will you be using your pushchair and what things are important for your toddler? No matter how you answer, it’s important to buy from leading brands that are trusted by mums all around the globe. That’s why we only stock the best of the best and provide customers with at least a six-month warranty. We are proud of the customer service we offer mamas, with payment plans and free shipping available for orders over £50. If you’re looking to buy a pushchair for your toddler from a company you can trust, visit our websiteto browse our collections today. Approve and download Request rewrite