How to find the best sunshade for prams
With summer approaching, you may be worried about ways to keep your baby happy and safe in the sun when spending time outside. One of the best and easiest ways to keep babies out of the sun is a sunshade that attaches easily to your pram. In this latest blog post, we get into everything you need to know about baby sun protection and what to look for when buying the best sunshade for prams.

What is a sun shade for pram?

A sun shade is a parasol or form of material that blocks out direct sunlight from a baby's pram, or even a car seat when in the car. Using these sunshades means that dangerous UV rays are kept off of children and babies for long periods of time. They can be lifesavers during the summertime when the family wants to get out and enjoy fine weather, but keep the smallest additions to the family safe and well out in the sun.

Are they safe to use?

Sun shades are an integral part of a baby's daily travelling life, especially in summer. They allow a little one to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while remaining sun safe and avoiding prolonged exposure to harsh UV rays. While the classic parasol sun shades allow convenient protection, some forms of sun shading should be avoided. For example, using a blanket over a pram limits airflow and can cause your baby to overheat. It also makes it harder to access and check on your baby on a regular basis. Here at For Your Little One, we recommend a safe parasol attachment for your pramfor easy access to your baby with a steady flow of fresh air to keep them cool.

Things to consider when buying a sun shade for your pram

There are a number of factors to consider when investing in the best sun shade this summer. These factors include safety aspects as well as things that make looking after your baby more convenient when outside. Find out everything you need to consider to buy the best sunshade for your pram:

The size

The first thing you need to think about when considering purchasing a sun shield attachment to your pram is the size. Some sun shades are not universally sized to your pram. You need to make sure that you aren't buying a parasol that's too big that it weighs down your buggy, but also not too small that it doesn't provide adequate sun protection for your baby. Check to see if the manufacturer of your buggy sells sun shade attachments that fit perfectly with your buggy's spec.

The level of protection

The main aim of any pram sun shade is to provide maximum protection from UV rays for your baby when travelling outside. On all sun shade products for babies, you can find a rating for how much it can protect and keep out harmful sun rays. While some older children can safely have sun protection at a lower factor (as they can wear suncream) you need to be extra vigilant with babies. All little ones under 6 months old aren't able to wear sun protectants so rely completely on products like sun shades to keep them safe. Make sure that any sun shade you buy has a high level of UV protection marked clearly.

The material

When travelling outside in hot weather, it's really important that your baby is getting enough ventilation and airflow into their pram. This means you need to be considerate of the material of your prospective sun shade, ensuring that it has enough ventilation or is made with mesh panels that allow a stream of air to keep your baby at a cool temperature. For this reason, parasols are an excellent choice of sun shade as they allow a full flow of air, whilst still shading your baby from the sun.

Tips when taking your baby out in hot weather

It's vital for your baby to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy the fine weather of the summer. However, as any new parent knows, baby sun safety is paramount. The next time you're out on a family trip in the sunshine, bear these important tips in mind:

Limit outdoor time

On particularly hot days, make sure to limit the time you spend outside with your baby. This stops them from getting overly hot and means you don't have to worry so much about their exposure to the sun. Opt for early mornings or evenings for your daily walk when temperatures drop from the height of midday.

Check on your baby frequently

Always make sure to check in with your baby frequently when out in the sun. Make sure they are at a stable temperature and have enough fresh air getting into their pram. Take frequent trips indoors to ensure that your baby doesn't spend too much time in the heat.

Never leave your pram facing the sun

Make sure to never leave your baby in the pram in full sunlight, even with a sunshade. This will lead to the baby getting too hot and potentially overheating. Always seek out shady areas to leave your baby to take a comfortable snooze in cooler temperatures.

Enjoy the sun safely with For Your Little One

Here at For Your Little One, we have everything you need to help your baby enjoy the summer safely this year. Take a trip over to our website to browse our vast selection of the best sunshade for prams that make every trip out enjoyable for the whole family.
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