The Best 3 In 1 Travel Systems Of 2022

The Best 3 In 1 Baby Travel Systems For 2022

Are you looking to buy a travel system? With so many brands and models on the market, it can feel daunting and you might wonder where to begin. To get you started, we've put together this helpful guide with five of the most popular 3 in 1 baby travel systems for 2022.

What is a travel system?

Travel systems are designed to include everything you'll need to transport your baby, from the day of their arrival until toddlerhood and beyond. Most of the best 3 in 1 baby travel systems consist of four main elements - a car seat, a carrycot, a pushchair seat, and a frame onto which all three of these can be fixed. Offering great value for money, travel systems are an ideal choice for parents-to-be who aren't yet sure which mode of transport will best suit them and their baby, or those seeking the versatility of a system that can be changed or adapted as their child grows.

Why choose the best 3 in 1 baby travel system?

Having a baby can be expensive. If you're expecting your first, you may be wondering whether it's a better idea to buy only the items you need straight away, such as a carrycot and car seat, waiting to buy a pushchair further down the line when you're ready to use it. One of the benefits of buying a travel system is that, as the items are sold as a bundle, they are often less expensive than if the parts were bought separately. Also, if you only buy a pram, then decide at a later date that you’d like to add a car seat to the frame, it may be difficult to find the correct adapters or a brand of car seat that will fit - particularly if your pram has since been discontinued. Many travel systems include matching accessories, such as foot warmers, rain covers and changing bags, which can appeal if you’re style-conscious.

What should I look for in a travel system?

When choosing a 3 in 1 travel system, it is important to first think about your lifestyle. Do you live in the countryside or a city? Will you regularly take your pram or pushchair off-road? And will you need it to fold down easily for bus travel, or to fit in the boot of your car?

If you’re planning to drive with your baby frequently, and Isofix base can be a huge help - these bases attach to your car’s Isofix points, meaning that your baby’s car seat can be easily locked into the base when you travel without the need for seat belts.

Below are some of the highest-rated travel systems for 2022:

For Your Little One - Million Dreams 3 In 1 Travel System with Isofix Base

Available in five great colours (black, light grey, dark grey, pink and red), the Million Dreams 3 In 1 Travel System will keep your little one safe and snug while on the go, from birth until their toddler years. Shortlisted for a 2022 Mother & Baby award, this stylish yet functional travel system includes a carrycot, pushchair seat and car seat, along with a frame that all three of these can be easily attached to. It also features an Isofix base and a changing bag. Reviewers have praised the Million Dreams system for its luxuriously plush interiors, as well as its reversible pushchair seat and the ease with which it can be folded down. Writing for Mother & Baby, reviewer Adele said: “The Million Dreams Travel System is great...I’ve found that the super easy fold makes life much easier, it’s very simple and for once, I didn’t have to refer to the instructions or YouTube videos, which is a breath of fresh air as I find so many pushchairs currently over complicate things.”

Hauck - Malibu 4 Trio Set

With almost a 100-year history, Hauck is a brand known for its sturdy, reliable baby products and their no-fuss approach when it comes to designing them. The Hauck Malibu 4 Trio Set includes a pushchair with an interchangeable carrycot and car seat. Parents have noted that the system is lighter than might be imagined, making it perfect for longer journeys. The pushchair features a 5-point harness for safety and another great feature is the easy to access shopping basket, which can be used whether the system is in pushchair or pram mode. A reviewer for Amazon said: "[This] travel system looks stylish and modern and the cushioned feel of the fabric is lovely for little ones. Beautiful!"

Kinderkraft - XMoov Travel System

The Kinderkraft XMoov 3 in 1 Travel System has been thoughtfully designed with both comfort and safety in mind. The XMoov includes a pushchair, car seat and carrycot, all of which fit onto a durable stainless steel frame with inflated wheels and eco-leather handles for added comfort when pushing. Safety features include a 'Stop & Ride' mechanism, which allows the pushchair to be stopped immediately in case of an emergency. The pushchair seat also boasts a 5-point safety belt system. The Kinderkraft XMoov comes in three colours - grey, black and a beautiful denim blue. It was named as the ‘best for all-terrain' travel system in expert reviews Best Stroller 2021.

Ickle Bubba - Stomp V3

Suitable for children aged 0-3, the Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 is a fantastic all-in-one travel system that comes complete with a pushchair, carrycot and car seat, as well as a useful changing bag and mat, pushchair and car seat foot warmers, an Isofix base, car window sunshades and rain covers. This transport system is designed with functionality in mind but also looks great, thanks to its beautiful leather handles and bumper bar. When reviewed by MadeForMums, the Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 rated highly for manoeuvrability and comfort, as well as value for money. In 2017, it also won their silver award in the travel systems under £500 category.

Venicci - Tinum 2.0, 3 in 1 ULTRALITE i-Size Travel System

An even lighter version of the popular Tinum 2.0, the Venicci Tinum 2.0, 3 in 1 ULTRALITE is a luxury travel system that prides itself on being exceptionally easy to fold and transport. Looking similar to strollers by more expensive brands, this travel system can be quickly folded at the push of a button using only one hand and without having to remove the pushchair seat. It can be easily carried thanks to a handy strap and the solid, foam-filled wheels are easy to push on any surface - you don't even have to worry about punctures. The travel system includes a carrycot, car seat and pushchair, as well as a matching changing bag and mat, foot warmer, rain covers and mosquito nets. A reviewer for MadeForMums praised the Tinum’s manoeuvrability, saying: “It was really easy to mount and dismount kerbs, even one-handed. It can also be moved easily down narrow supermarket aisles and through our narrow front doorway. [Going] up and down steps was trouble-free, too.”

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