How to fix Isofix base into car for safe travel

Isofix bases offer ultimate safety when it comes to fixing child and baby car seats into vehicles, but they can be a little tricky to use when you're new to them. In this blog, we'll show you how to fix Isofix base units into your car and explain the benefits of using these bases with car seats.

How to fix Isofix base into car

Isofix is a universal fixing system that you'll find in the vast majority of cars currently on the road in the UK and Europe. You don't have to worry about compatibility; if you have an Isofix car seat base and Isofix anchor points in your vehicle, rest assured that the base will fit. However, you may have to extend the Isofix fixing points on the base first. Most car seat bases have a button or lever that allow you to do this. Extend the fixing points all the way out to make it as easy as possible to fit the base.

Next, line up the Isofix fixing points on the base with the vehicle's Isofix anchor points. Slide the base backwards until the fixing points attach to the anchor points. You should hear an audible click. Plus, there should be coloured indicators on the arms of the base fixing points that turn green when the base is securely fixed into place.

You should then adjust the length of the base fixing points once again to achieve a perfect fit. The base ought to be flush with the back of the seat, but avoid pushing it too firmly against the seat as this can make it tricky to get the car seat onto the base unit. Once this is done, adjust the foot prop of the base so that it rests firmly on the floor of the car. There is usually a button or lever at the front of the Isofix base to adjust the foot prop.

That's all there is to it! All that's left to do is fix your car seat on top of the base, which is simply a case of it clicking into place. You should find another coloured indicator on the front of the base that turns green when the seat is securely fitted.

Is it necessary to use an Isofix base with a car seat?

It isn't necessary to use an Isofix base with a car seat. The alternative is to use the car seat belt to fix the car seat in place and forgo the base completely. However, Isofix is designed to offer the ultimate safety for your baby or child. Isofix helps to prevent the car seat from moving around if your vehicle is involved in an accident. The less a car seat moves around during an accident, the lower the risk of serious injuries to the baby or child.

Isofix offers lots of conveniences, too. Securing a car seat into a vehicle with seat belts is fiddly and time-consuming, and impractical if you'd like to lift your baby in and out of the car in their seat. Isofix bases allow you to easily unclip the car seat from the base without any hassle, making it possible to carry a snoozing baby out of the car and into the house with minimal chance of disturbing them. Plus, with a bit of practice, it's fairly easy to attach and remove the Isofix base itself. Once you learn how to fix Isofix base units into a car, you'll wonder how you ever managed with a car seat that attaches via seat belts!

Since 2014, every new car in the UK has been manufactured with Isofix anchor points to help parents choose the safest and most convenient option for securing child and baby car seats into their vehicle. This doesn't mean to say that you have to use an Isofix base to abide by the law, but it does mean it's relatively easy for most parents to choose Isofix car seats for peace of mind that their little one is as safe as possible on every journey.

Can I use an Isofix base with any car seat?

You can't use just any Isofix base with any car seat. The two parts must be compatible to ensure they fit together correctly. You can buy a car seat that is Isofix-compatible and choose to fix it into your car with seat belts rather than a base unit. However, you cannot buy a car seat that is not advertised as Isofix compatible and expects it to work with an Isofix base.

The vast majority of car seats available in the UK are Isofix compatible. However, they're not always provided with a compatible Isofix base as standard and you might have to purchase this separately. If you know for sure that you'd like to use Isofix to secure your car seat, you could look for bundles that include both the seat and base as these tend to work out cheaper than buying them separately. If you choose to purchase an Isofix base at a later date than your car seat, make sure to look for a compatible base from the same brand. You can check out our range of car seats now to find a variety of seats, bases and bundles that fix into vehicles via Isofix.

Travel systems frequently include Isofix bases in addition to car seats, carrycots and pram frames. They're a brilliant way to save money, and they can make travelling easy if you plan to do lots of driving and walking with your little. Browse our collection of travel systems now to find a huge range Isofix-compatible travel products.

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