Essential Summer Accessory: A Parasol for Babies


Sun protection is an essential part of every summer. Whether you’re a beachgoer, a park wanderer or just like to take strolls around your neighbourhood, the sun can be a formidable presence that needs to be respected. And when it comes to babies, their delicate skin is especially vulnerable and needs even more attention. That's why a baby parasol for summer outings is the best way to protect your little one from the damaging rays of the sun and keep them comfortable during outdoor activities.

When it comes to keeping your little ones safe, a parasol has many advantages over traditional protective clothing and accessories like hats and sunblock. Unlike sunblock which needs to be applied repeatedly throughout the day and can get messy, a baby parasol offers all-day protection with just one simple accessory. It also provides shade from strong winds and helps keep babies cool in hot temperatures thanks to its breathable construction. So whether you're spending time at the beach or just want to get out for some fresh air, make sure you pick up a parasol for your baby this summer!

Why Using a Parasol Is Necessary

We know you’d do anything to protect your baby from harm, and one essential summer accessory is a parasol. With the sun so close to their delicate skin, even the most healthy and well-moisturised skin can sustain damage if left unprotected.

A parasol shields your little one from harmful UV rays that can damage the skin and cause burns. It also prevents their skin colour from darkening – something especially important if you want to maintain their natural skin tone.

Plus, using a parasol doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style—parasols come in so many cute designs and prints you’ll be able to find one that fits in perfectly with your child's stroller or pram. So you're sure to find one that's both practical and fashionable!

Benefits of Baby Parasols

Baby parasols are an essential summer accessory and for good reason. They provide much-needed protection for your child, shielding them from the sun’s harsh rays and giving them natural shade from the heat.

Here are some of the benefits that come with using a baby parasol:

  1. **UV Protection**: Most baby parasols have a UPF rating of 50+, blocking up to 98% of UV Rays. This means you can keep your little one’s delicate skin protected from direct sunlight, preventing sunburn and reducing the risk of skin cancer in the future.
  2. **Stability**: Baby Parasols usually come with a base that can be placed on even surfaces like concrete or sand, keeping your baby’s parasol stable even in windy conditions or sandy terrain.
  3. **Versatility**: A baby parasol is designed to fit onto most pushchairs and car seats, as well as hanging on handles or straps in stroller mode, giving you peace of mind no matter what situation you may find yourself in with your little one this summer!

Tips on Selecting the Right Parasol

It is important to buy the right parasol for your baby, as this will determine how effective it is. Here are a few tips that can help you select the right one:


Choose a parasol that is adjustable in size and can be easily moved around to fit your needs. A smaller size parasol will be great for taking your baby out for small trips, while a bigger size one will suit better if you are planning to spend the day outside.

2.Fabric and Material

As babies have sensitive skin, choosing a fabric that is lightweight and breathable is key. Look for fabrics made from natural fibres such as cotton and linen, as these are lightweight, breathable, and non-toxic. Additionally, look for a parasol with an aluminium frame for added durability and stability.

3.UV Protection

Ensure the parasol provides sufficient sun protection against UV rays by looking for products with an SPF rating of at least 50+. This will give your baby optimum protection during the summer months when UV rays can be particularly harmful to young skin.

Types of Parasols Available

When it comes to having the right summer accessory for your baby, there are a few options available.

  1. Sun Parasols

One of the most popular choices is sun parasols. These parasols typically come in two different styles: with a handle or a wrap-around design. The handle style is great for travel, since it can easily be attached to a stroller and folded away when not in use. Wrap-around styles are more suitable for stationary seating, such as a feeding chair or high chair. Both styles provide excellent UV protection, with some containing UPF 50+.

  1. Beach Umbrellas

For those who spend time at the beach, it's highly recommended to invest in a beach umbrella. Not only do they provide UPF protection, they also help to protect babies from heat and sand. Unlike sun parasols, beach umbrellas are typically much larger and have spike extensions at the bottom that enable them to remain firmly planted in sand or dirt. They also offer more headroom than sun parasols, giving your little one more room to move around and enjoy their time under the umbrella.

Features and Functions of Baby Parasols

A baby parasol is the perfect summer accessory for your baby, as it provides essential protection from the sun's harsh rays and makes outings in strollers or carriages a lot more enjoyable. But what features does a baby parasol offer that makes it so special?

- Protection from UV Rays

The most important function of a baby parasol is to keep harsh UV rays off your little one. Most parasols provide an SPF of 50+, providing excellent protection against both UVA and UVB rays that can otherwise cause skin irritations, sunburns and even more serious long-term damage.

- Adjustable Design

Most baby parasols can be adjusted in various ways to ensure your child receives the best possible coverage at all times. Some models feature adjustable arms that allow you to tilt the canopy as needed for optimum shade coverage, while others come with clips or straps so you can adjust the angle even if you're out and about.

- Durable Materials

It's also important to choose a parasol made with durable materials that will withstand repeated use and exposure to the elements. Look for products made with waterproof fabrics such as polyester or acrylic, and reinforced metal frames for added strength and stability.

Tips for Proper Use and Care of Baby Parasols

A parasol can provide your baby with much-needed protection from the summer sun, but there are some tips and tricks to ensure you're using it properly. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  1. Size Matters

It's important to make sure you purchase the right size parasol for your baby's stroller or car seat. You want it to be large enough to protect their face and neck, while not being so big that air can blow up underneath, causing it to blow away.

  1. Placement Matters Too

Make sure you position the parasol correctly - it should be tilted slightly forward so that UV rays don't reflect off the bottom of the umbrella and onto your baby's face. Also, make sure that any straps on the parasols fit snugly yet comfortably around the baby stroller or car seat so that it won't slip off if a gust of wind comes along.

  1. Keep It Clean & Replace it When Necessary

Bugs and dirt may collect on your parasol during use, so be sure to clean it regularly and check for signs of damage such as tears or loose stitching. If your baby parasol is damaged in any way, you should replace it immediately with a sturdy one that will adequately protect your little one from the sun's harmful UV rays.


So, if you're looking for a must-have for this summer, a baby parasol is one of the best choices available. Not only will it help protect your little one from the sun, but it'll also make outdoor activities much more enjoyable and comfortable for both of you. Just be sure to choose one with UV protection, and take the necessary precautions when taking your baby outside.

With a baby parasol in tow, you can be sure of a safe and fun summer with your little one, whether you're on a trip, out for a picnic, or just spending some quality time in the garden. Check out our summer essentials here at For Your Little One. Have a great summer!