4 Year Warranty Included: On all For Your Little One Branded Products.

Pushchair Accessories

So, you've found your ideal pushchair/ stroller/ buggy and are looking for accessories to make the perfect outdoor adventure for your little one. Hopefully, our collection of top of the range pushchair accessories will be more than enough to satisfy your needs. From Footmuffs to Parasols and Rain covers to Changing bags, made to fit some of the best brands on the market such as I’Candy, Jane and Quinny, we have everything you will need to prepare for when you are going out; whether you are going for a stroll around the park or a day out at the zoo, pick and choose from the best selection for every situation.

All of our products are tried and tested for maximum safety and to ensure that you and your child can have the best experience possible whilst knowing that the accessories can be confidently used over and over again with no problems.

Our selection of accessories, each with designs compatible with hundreds of the best ranges of pushchair, covers every possible weather condition; with our cozy pushchair Footmuffs to keep your child warm in the winter, beautiful Baby Parasols for the summer sunshine and our extra-safe Rain covers to protect your baby from the wind, rain and now the Sun’s UV rays. With our new, thicker material which still gives your child the freedom to move around and take in the sights of the world.

Our huge range of Footmuffs, from standard pushchair Footmuffs to the extremely stylish animal print designs; which comes in over 10 different designs, ranging from a Zebra print to Dalmatian and Leopard style design, and even our traditional, lace effect, embroidered Broderie Anglaise Footmuffs, are all available in different colours, designs and age ranges.

We also have a choice of top quality changing bags from brands such as Lassig and Deluxe Mummy, all with more than enough space to hold everything you will need to take with you. There are smaller accessories that make a big difference to your experience, such as the buggy clips we have available, which allow you to hold/ hang baggage or coats etc. off the pushchair handle with no difficulty at all. Our Ride-on Boards are another example of progression within the market. They are a state of the art accessory that you must be mad to miss out on. These boards adjust to fit over 20 different brands of pushchair and are easily attached and taken off. You can extend the width of the board to fit pushchairs with a wider wheel base, suspension to make the ride a lot smoother and quick release clips for detaching the board after use.   

Over 400 different pushchair brands and designs are covered by our Rain cover range, each uniquely designed to comply with the specific type of pushchair. Made to fit around the shape and style of each pushchair, keeping the cover on and the elements out is not a problem, the rain cover is designed to stick to the pushchair while still allowing the child to have enough freedom to move around and ventilation holes in specific places to keep the fresh air filtering through underneath the cover. They are made to a much better quality than standard rain covers, but still at a very affordable price.  

Nearly all of the accessories sold at For Your Little One are Unisex and the age range is from birth up to 4 years of age, with certain items being for a specific age and some being ‘one size fits all’. Everything we sell is also brand new; we do not sell used or second hand items to ensure that every customer is a happy customer and there are no problems with anyone’s order.