Moses Basket Bedding Sets

We have a wide range of moses basket bedding sets for you to choose from, for you to personalise your baby’s comfort in the best way to suit them. Not only do we have an array of designs, but each bedding set is also available in a variety of colours; from classic blue and pink, to neutral yellow, grey and white. These packs are bedding set only, so why not check out our range of moses baskets and mattresses to achieve your baby’s ultimate comfort?

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Choose from one of our moses basket beddings sets and envelop your baby in gentle comfort every time they sleep!

Moses Basket Bedding Sets

We have a range of bedding sets in various designs and colours for you to make your baby’s moses basket their own. Whether you’re looking for blue, pink, yellow, grey or white, we have a cosy set waiting for you to choose. Made from high quality material, our moses basket bedding sets are only the best for your little one to cuddle into whenever they rest their head.

Bedding Sets

At For Your Little One we understand the importance of making sure your baby is always comfortable, that’s why our moses basket bedding sets are made from extremely soft, delicate material for your baby to always be snuggled into. Personalise your baby’s moses basket today! Why not browse our range of moses basket mattresses to complete the full set?


What is included with our Moses basket bedding sets?

Our Moses basket bedding set only includes a set of soft, comfortable bedding along with the matching padded liner to provide your little one with enhanced cushioning and extreme comfort.

What material is our Moses basket bedding made from?

Our bedding sets are made from only the highest quality cotton. With a super soft texture, this material is soft and gentle on your little one’s skin and won’t cause any harm to their delicate skin.

Are our Moses basket bedding sets available in different designs?

Our Moses basket bedding sets are available in an array of patterns and styles like waffle or dimple and available in a variety of neutral, soft colours that will make the best addition to any nursery.