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Teutonia Buggy Boards

A coffee, a handbag, a phone call, and two curious and excitable kids— sounds like quite the handful! It can be difficult juggling all your responsibilities as a parent or caregiver, which is why we at For Your Little One are always looking for innovative ways to make things easier for you. This is why we have a new addition to our Teutonia Buggy Boards— the Ride-On Board with Seat Compatible with Teutonia.

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A Hassle-Free Commuting Experience

The age-old question many parents and caregivers face is what to do with your not-too-young but a not-too-old child when taking a walk through the neighbourhood. Although a double pram may seem like the obvious and ideal choice, would it be the right fit for your child?

The truth is, your older child may want to experience and explore more, which may be restricted if you place them in a pram. Yet, there may be moments where they would be exhausted and need to rest. This may lead to loads of crying, restlessness, and tantrums. Fortunately, we've got you covered. 

With a buggy board to fit Teutonia, our Ride-On Board with Seat Compatible with Teutonia is a great addition for single-seat Teutonia pushchair owners. The Ride-On platform is a buggy board that can be easily manoeuvred and assembled. This makes it easy for you to carry two kids in one pushchair! 

Why You Need A Buggy Board Compatible With Teutonia

The obvious answer— is because you want you and your children to enjoy a nice, peaceful stroll. However, there is more. Using the buggy board compatible with Teutonia means you would be saving money as you wouldn't have to purchase a new stroller to move your children in. 

Additionally, your older child would get to experience freedom, safety, and comfort. The buggy board gives your child a choice to stand or sit while riding, eliminating the problems of restlessness and understandable tantrums. The board also comes with a cushioned seat and adjustable height features to ensure your child's comfort. 

You also wouldn't have to worry about safety. This is because the buggy board used to create the Ride-On feature has a textured and anti-slip surface, ensuring that your child wouldn't fall when standing on it. The two quick-release clips on the board not only make it easy for you to assemble the board but also allow for safe detachment.

In terms of portability, the board is lightweight, making it easy to carry around till needed and ensuring that you do not have to deal with added weight when pushing the stroller. Its adjustable connecting rod and bracket, as well as its attachment to the upright tubing of your stroller, give you the extra comfort you need when in use.

Get Yours Today!

So, what are you waiting for? A hassle-free, comforting, and peaceful way to commute with your children awaits you! At an unbeatable price, you can get your own Ride-On Board with Seat Compatible with Teutonia today. Simply visit our website to make your purchase.

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