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Ride On Buggy Boards

Get yourself a ride on buggy board to make sure your little infants don’t feel left out! Our ride on boards are perfect for when you’re in a hurry or when the little one’s feet just can’t walk anymore. Including a saddle seat and a storage strap. These boards will make any trip with your little one a lot easier.

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For Your Little One is one of the trusted names when it comes to buying quality pushchair accessories for kids. This Universal ride on board, with a seat is easy-to-fit and can be attached to most buggies, strollers, pushchairs or prams. Allowing your elder child to rest when he/she is too tired to continue on a walk.

Sometimes double pushchairs can be a pain, particularly when navigating narrow shops or using public transport. The Buggy Board is a perfect item to help make this easier. When you and your toddler want to go out, simply strap the board to the chassis of the buggy, pushchair or stroller and away you go. Your baby can enjoy the view whilst your toddler is enjoying the ride with this For Your Little One buggy board.

This universal buggy board is perfect for those long walks. Your child will love the ride, allowing them to rest in a way they'll find fun and engaging. Our Buggy Boards feature a seat allowing for different height adjustments for your child's legs. The seat is fully removable so the board can be used as a stand-on board. When not in use this board also offers a strap to attach to the handle of the pram, this enables to board to stay attached but also is not on the floor.

This buggy board will made a great addition to your pram, stroller or pushchair and your toddler will love to go out and enjoy some fresh air on this comfortable buggy board.


Board Dimensions:

Width 42cm X 22cm depth x 16cm height from the ground.

The saddle seat sits at 24cm on the lowest setting and 27.5cm on the middle setting and 31cm being the highest.

The maximum circumference of the chassis this board will fit is 14cm.

The board is designed to easily be attached to the upright tubing of a stroller. Once installed there are 2 quick release clips for quick and easy detachment. These clips can also be left on the stroller when the board is not in use

The maximum weight for this buggy board is 20kg.

Please do not use this stroller board up and down kerbs. Please use drop-down kerbs when the stroller board is attached.


Ride on Buggy board

Our universal ride on boards make travelling from place to place with your infant easier; when they’re too tired to walk, or when you’re in a hurry, let them hop on the board and have you on your way. Equipped with a storage strap, the board can easily be put away whenever it’s not in use.

Ride on Boards

The universal board includes a standing platform and a saddle seat that can easily be clipped onto the upright tube of your stroller. Made from quality material, the ride-on board is ideal for making your journeys with the kids much smoother and simpler. Why not browse our buggy clip collection and see how else you can accessorise your pushchair and make travelling with your young ones that little bit easier!



What is a ride on board?

A buggy board is a board that attaches to your frame near the back wheels. This goes around the chassis and your child can either stand or sit on it. This helps with those days out and about with your toddler and baby. Much easier than carrying or using a double pushchair.

This offers different height adjustments for the seat and also the legs of the board, This can accommodate for the different widths of pushchairs and strollers.


How to attach the seat?

This board comes with a saddle seat for your child to rest on. This is simple and easy to attach. Get the board and in the centre there is a slot for the seat to go in. Ensure this is facing the correct way push the seat in and this will click.

To remove simply press the button underneath and pull the seat out.


What brands will this baby stroller board fit?

This fits 99% of prams, strollers and buggies. Some main brands are:

  • Cosatto
  • Cybex
  • Babystyle
  • Icandy
  • Venicci
  • Bugaboo
  • Mountain Buggy
  • Obaby
  • Quinny
  • Maxi Cosi
  • UPPAbaby

Please ensure the chassis on the rear axle by the back wheels is less than 14cm for it to fit.

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