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Obaby Fitted Sheets

Looking for some new fitted sheets for your Obaby cot bed? We've got just what you need.

Our fitted sheets to fit Obaby are made from 100% cotton and are available in a range of colours and designs to match your nursery perfectly. Plus, they're machine washable and tumble dryer safe, so they're easy to keep clean.

Take a look at our range of our fitted sheets and order online today.

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Baby Fitted Sheets

You're looking for a new set of fitted sheets for your baby's Obaby cot. What should you keep in mind when making your purchase? 

There are a few key things to look for when choosing fitted sheets for your baby's crib. First, make sure that the sheets are made from a soft, breathable fabric like cotton or bamboo. You'll also want to choose sheets that fit the crib snugly, to avoid any accidental slipping.

 Finally, it's important to pick sheets that are easy to care for. Sheets that can be machine-washed and dried will be the most convenient for busy parents.

Why They're Worth the Investment

You may be wondering if fitted sheets are really worth the investment. After all, they can be a bit more pricey than traditional flat sheets. But there are a few reasons why they're worth the extra cost.

First of all, fitted sheets stay in place better than flat sheets. This is especially important if you have a toddler who likes to wriggle around in bed—the last thing you want is for the sheet to come loose and end up on the floor. Fitted sheets also help keep your child's mattress in good condition, as they prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

So if you're looking for a way to make bedtime a bit less chaotic, fitted sheets are definitely worth considering.

How to Care for Your For Your Little One Sheets

It's important to take care of your For Your Little One fitted sheets if you want them to last. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

- Machine wash your sheets at a low temperature (30 degrees Celsius is ideal) using a mild detergent.

- Do not tumble dry your sheets, as this may cause them to shrink. Instead, line dry them.

- Iron your sheets on a low setting if they need it.

The Benefits of Owning For Your Little One Fitted Sheets

There are a few key benefits to owning fitted sheets for your little one. First and foremost, fitted sheets help to keep your child's mattress clean and free from dirt, dust, and other allergens. They also provide a more comfortable sleep surface, as they snugly fit the mattress and don't move around like regular sheets can. 

Finally, fitted sheets are essential for safety. Babies and young children can easily become tangled up in loose sheets, which can be dangerous. Fitted sheets eliminate this risk, ensuring that your child stays safe while they sleep.


At For Your Little One, we take pride in offering quality baby products that our customers can trust. That's why all of our fitted sheets are made from 100% cotton and are fully machine washable. 

We also know that safety is always a top priority for parents, which is why all of our fitted sheets are fitted with elasticated corners for a snug fit. 

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