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Norton Fur Hoods

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Just as you look after the needs and wants of your little one, try renovating their everyday travel system for a special touch. The synthetic fur hood trim withstands the test of time and ensures high performance for years to come. The fire-tested fur hood trim comes with an elasticized fur hood attachment that can be quickly fixed on the canopy frame and be removed in simple steps.

Norton Pushchair Fur Trim Hood Accessory
Specially designed for Norton pushchairs, the fur hood trim by foryourlittleone prepares your baby’s stroller for warm and cosy winter and autumn walks. The silky-smooth texture of the top-grade synthetic fur complements every festivity and brightens up to the tone of the pram.

Easy-To-Attach Faux Fur Hood
The durable and lightweight fur hood trim can be easily stored owing to its compact size and be detached when not in use. The trim allows for heavy use while ensuring no slippage from the pushchair frame and imparts a luxurious appeal once attached. The fur hood trim for Norton pushchairs comes with two snap buttons for easy attachment and in a variety of delightful colours.

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