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When you take your little one out for a walk you want to know that they will be protected from the sun, which is very important for their delicate skin. Attaching a baby Parasol to your pram is an excellent way to do this. So if you are not sure which one to get then have a look at our great range of baby parasols which are compatible with your Gesslein products. 

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For Your Little One
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Why Choose a Baby Parasol? 

The For Your Little One baby Parasol is a great solution to your warm weather needs as it is compatible with any Gesslein pram. The parasol is made out of waterproof material that is easy to clean, so definitely ideal if there are any spillages of sun cream or other liquids. It is easy to carry due to its lightweight material and can easily be folded away when not in use. This makes it ideal for transporting on days out as it will be easy to carry. 

There are at least 10 different colours to choose from meaning you have plenty of choice when it comes to picking one that suits your taste. The variety of colours range from Hot Pink, Blue, Lime, Red, Light Blue, Purple and many more wonderful shades. 

How Do I Attach It To The Pram?

It is very easy to use the For Your Little One baby Parasol as it has a quick-release clamp fitted, which means you can easily fit it onto your baby pram simply when you need it, and then remove it once you are finished with it. It couldn’t be easier to use and then remove. 

For Your Little One Baby Parasol Specifications 

When you shop for a baby parasol you want to know that you have the best quality product available. If you opt for a For Your Little One baby Parasol you can be sure that you have the following when you buy this product. 

  • A parasol that will easily fit with your specific pushchair
  • UV SPF 50, waterproof material utilised so that your child is protected from the harmful rays of the sun
  • Quick release clamp design to make it simple to attach to your pram
  • Rubber pads included so that there are not any slips or scratches when attaching the parasol to the travel system
  • The Tested and Certified Guarantee means that this product has been rigorously tested by our in-house team to ensure that it conforms to our excellent product standard in terms of product quality and durability. 

So if you are shopping for a baby Parasol for your little one, then be sure to look at our great range today. 

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