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Firstwheels Fur Hoods

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The fur hood trim by Foryourlittleone is a fashion-forward accessory that remains compatible with Firstwheels travel system and ensures seamless attachment. The subtle embellishment comes with unmatched sheen, softness and richness in texture that transcends beauty and elegance. The superior-quality fur hood trim attachment curbs the need for frequent repositing and remains in place without damaging the pushchair frame. The faux fur trim is fire-safe and boasts a dust-resistant make for keeping webs and filth aside.

Easy Attachment and Removal
The fur hood trim attachment is bolstered with two snap buttons and an elastic tab for quick and hassle-free affixing to the canopy frame. The synthetic fur is capable of withstanding harsh outdoor conditions without fraying, creasing, or losing volume.

Head Out with your Baby in Style
The genuine-looking fur makes your baby’s pushchair a stand-out in the crowd and remains firmly attached to the pushchair frame. The pushchair fur hood trim is expertly crafted to blend in with the stroller without downing its functionality.

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