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Find a peaceful place for your baby to sleep with our range of rocker bed cribs. They are suitable for all your and your baby's needs. Our rocking crib range offers luxury as well as style in your nursery. Our aim at For Your Little One is to bring forward products which are suitable for everyone. All our cribs are easy to assemble and can be seen as a statement furniture piece with our wonderful colours available. 

Swinging rocking cribs are a great way to soothe your baby to sleep. Why not check out our fitted sheets for bedside and cribs too! Compatible with Chicco, Kinderkraft and Snuzpod. 

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Rocking cribs are a great invention. They help your baby getting to sleep with a gentle swing as well as providing a safe, comfortable and cosy environment for them to sleep. The baby rocker provides the perfect rock, soothing your newborn. This can also be used for soothing them if they are upset or crying. 

We have a few options available and a few details listen below. 

Unimo Up

The Unimo up is a rocking bassinet that can transform into a bouncer. This has a 3-point harness to secure your child into the rocker. This rocker is great for sleeping and grows with your child. Transform to a bouncer or chair and your baby will stay entertained with the toy bar provided. The easy to use crib allows you to easily and quickly change between functions. The cradle has a deep hood that protects your child from wind and the sun. This cradle an be used out doors! 

This cradle has a sleek design that can be easily folded down when not in use. The unimo crib is also great for travelling. You can have a place for your baby to sleep and sit and of course wont take up any room due to the foldable component. This is suitable for ages 0+ weighing up to 18kg. 

The baby rocker comes in pink, yellow and blue. The crib is grey with a white insert and the colour chosen is the colour of the hood. 


The Lovi cradle infant cot is extremely functional. This can be used as a cradle, travel cot, or a cot for your home. The adjustable hood with a built in mosquito net. This will help your baby sleep peacefully and safety in all conditions. This baby bed is equipped with a set of toys that attach using velcro and will help keep your baby entertained. This rocker crib is lightweight so you can easily carry this. Its even easier with the practical bag that helps with storage and transport. This rocker crib is suitable from birth to 9kg. 

The mattress has a washable cover that will easily help maintain hygiene. The rocking motion from side to side will ease your baby into a perfect slumber. You wont need any tools for the assembly or disassembly of this crib.

The cover of this baby crib is a breathable mesh allowing adequate airflow to your child. The Lovi is available in grey or beige. You can add a pillow / cushion for extra comfort for your baby. 

Both of these bassinet baby cribs offer a swing function and are suitable for newborn babies. They glide allowing your baby to relax. They are both super easy to fold making these a great portable sleeper. 


Do we sell fitted sheets for the cribs? 

Yes, We sell fitted sheets for the 40 x 90 cm mattress. We also bedside sheets that are 55 x 90 cm. We sell both crib and bedside waterproof sheets too. 

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