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Chicco Fur Hoods

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From taking a casual stroll around the town to decorating his/her room, you've most likely had a list of things you need. Foryourlittleone strives to deliver high-end baby gear compatible with Chicco puschairs to your doorstep - you can choose from transparent weather-shield, cosy footmuffs, washable seat liners, aesthetically-pleasing faux fur trim and more.

Decorative Fur Trim for Chicco Stroller
Add a bit of stylish flair to your baby's carrier with our carefully designed synthetic fur trim attachment. The pram fur hood trim is made with plush materials that feel silky-smooth to touch, adding a tingle of class to your little one's chariot. We offer these no-fuss fur trims in an array of colour options.

High-End Travel Essentials for Toddlers

Foryourlittleone is a trusted online platform featuring a wide scope of nursery basics, baby sleepwear, blankets, all-season cosy toes, sun parasols and more. Our products are made with child-safe materials that come with a promise of durability, helping you create a safe and comfy space for your little champ.

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