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Book and Toy Storage

If your decorating your child's bedroom or playroom then look no further than our Racoon style toy storage and bookcase. They make a great add on to your child's bedroom. Toy storage is essential for a little ones playroom and we have you covered. Browse our store today and see our selection of toy box storage and bookshelf with storage box baskets. Keep those children's playrooms today and enjoy the space for other fun activities. 

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Our Kinderkraft storage unit/ storage basket is a great help. This box is a stylish way to decorate and is the ideal solution for parents who like their playrooms neat and tidy. This toy storage can hold 20kg of toys, books and any other bits you may need it to. The racoon toy box can also be used as a storage box for any items. 

This toy storage will give your bedroom character! With the friendly racoon on the side this will help encourage your child to tidy all their toys. This can also awaken your child's imagination and be a great encouragement to play. 

This storage box/ toy box can easily move from your child's bedroom to the playroom with the convenient handles. 

The toy storage has been carefully manufactured with the round edges making this toddler friendly and has a solid MDF board to make this durable. Any light knocks and toys thrown inside won't cause any damage to this toy box. 

This toy box is very roomy so your child can store their favourite toys or even blankets. The perfect design and height of this toy storage makes it an ideal piece of furniture for children and will work on their independent training whilst they tidy and put toys inside the storage basket. 

This storage box doesn't take up much room in your house. It's roomy but doesn't take up much space, meaning it can fit many toys and still be placed even in rooms that aren't overly big. This toy chest is ideal for small apartments

The universal design makes this storage basket perfect for any gender! This is white combined with natural wood, grey and a pattern of a racoon. This storage basket will blend in with any other furniture around the room. 


• Depth: 55.5 cm

• Width : 54 cm

• Height: 35 cm

Weight: 6.74 kg

The Kinderkraft bookcase is a great way to style your child's bedroom. This helps organise their toys with the soft storage boxes at the bottom. This combines a modern design offering plenty of room for sorting your child's books, toys, games and other items. 

This has soft fabric shelves and spacious boxes at the lower levels that make the management for everyday items and accessories easier to get. The soft storage at the bottom can be easily removed and transported to any other place in the house. You can also use these soft storage basket for cleaning up. Take one around with you and any toys left around the house pop them in this handy storage basket. 

This unit has four storage spaces for books. On the wooden shelf there are 4 soft storage baskets and 2 larger storage baskets under on the lower level. These storage containers are canvas cubes and act like drawers. 

This has been carefully designed with the though of young users in mind. The book case is the right height for them to grab their own book. The soft white and grey will blend in and compliment your décor. Its been accented with affordable racoon illustrations which is sure to grab your little ones attention. 

This bookcase has been made from MDF, polyester, powder-coated steel for durability. The bookcase has a space-conscious design and can easily fit large and compact rooms. 

This bookcase and toy storage unit has a wide base for enhanced stability. This kids bookshelf can be fixed to the wall with ease.

  • Dimensions:
  • • Length : 34 cm

    • Width : 80 cm

    • Height: 100 cm

    Weight: 12.1kg

Maximise your child's storage with either one of our Kinderkraft units. At night toys should be tucked away in drawers and stored out of sight. This helps your child stay calm before bed time. 

Keep their Rooms Neat and Organised

Introduce your child's room with durable storage unit accessories that will not only teach them self-dependence but also ensure their room remains tidy. The children can fill the box up with toys and other frequently used games without creating a mess. Easy management on the go!

Thoughtfully Designed Accessories

With children at the core, the shelves and toy chests are crafted to perfection while keeping their convenience in mind. The bookcase is designed to provide uninterrupted access to the younger ones and the chest is neither too big nor too small to help your child store there toys without any fuss. The basket features rounded edges and two carry handles for your child to move around the house.


What's the best toy storage?

This depends upon personal taste. Our bookshelf storage unit and storage toy storage box are great storage solutions and offer a friendly vibe in any area of the house. 

Where can i buy storage units? 

We have two options available for storage. A bookshelf with toy storage, storage box and a shelf or a cute racoon storage unit box. Both good options for your child. 

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