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Every loving parent needs a Buggy Board for their little bundle of joy. You enjoy taking your little one out, but sometimes you're just in too much of a hurry, your toddler is sleeping, and your older child is too tired to walk alongside the pram. This is where having a Buggy board comes in handy, especially one compatible with Bebecar. And here at For Your Little One, we have just the perfect buggy board you need. Our Ride On Board comes with a saddle compatible with Bebecar, making it possible to enjoy your time out with your toddler and older child without putting too much stress on them or yourself.

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A smooth and safe riding experience for you and your baby

Buggy boards are designed to make your time outside with your children a smooth and safe one, with the type of manoeuvrability that makes using it a breeze without bothering your toddler's rest. Also known as stroller platforms, Buggy Boards are ingenious inventions that enable you to transport two kids with one pushchair. 

Our Buggy Board's compatibility with Bebecar is an added advantage. The latter is one of the most popular prams that offers style, compactness, comfort, and a touch of new generation technology. 

What can you expect from our Ride On Board with a saddle?

If you own a Bebecar pushchair, then you've got to get a Ride-On Board with a saddle. For Your Little One's ride-on platforms come with the perfect design that does not only support but enhances your Bebecar pushchair's usability. But that's not all; the design also creates extra space to accommodate your oldest child. This way, both of your kids share the same ride, and you easily avoid tantrums. 

Here are some of the key features of our Ride-On Board with a saddle:

  • The Ride-On Board can connect to the rear axle of your Bebecar pram. This way, your older child has more freedom to join the ride whenever they start feeling too tired to walk or just wants a ride for fun.
  • Also, because our Buggy Board design comes with an anti-slip, textured surface, it offers an added touch of safety for your older child by providing them with a solid grip whenever they hop on for a ride. 
  • Because comfort is also of the essence, our Ride-On platform comes equipped with a saddle seat that offers adjustable functions. These functions make your child's riding experience a very comfortable one.
  • The board's suspension system also allows for a smooth, comfortable, and jolly ride without bothering yourself about annoying bumps. 
  • And if you're concerned about your ability to install the board on your own, no need to worry. The Buggy Board's design features two quick-release clips that make it easy to safely detach the board for storage. And this feature also makes the installation quite a breeze.
  • The board is also built to be lightweight enough to allow for easy manoeuvring.

So, are you looking for the best Buggy Board compatible with Bebecar? Then you've come to the right place!

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