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Baby Jogger Buggy Boards

If you are having a second child, you’re likely considering purchasing a twin or tandem stroller to accommodate both your newborn and older child while you’re out and about. Thanks to this buggy board, you do not need to do that! It’s time to upgrade your stroller’s functionality with our top-quality buggy boards.

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For Your Little One
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What The Buggy Board Offers

  • The For Your Little One buggy board allows you to double your stroller in a couple of minutes, thereby creating the perfect seat for your little toddler while your new baby rests snugly in the main stroller
  • Our buggy board has unique features designed to give you and your child optimum comfort and peace of mind when you are out in town. It has a higher riding platform at 5 centimetres at its lowest and 31 centimetres at its highest. Other buggy boards tend to ride lower and are uncomfortable for you and your child. The For Your Little One buggy board allows you to walk normally without kicking the board. 
  • Additionally, it can take a maximum weight of 20 kilograms, making it the perfect option for your toddler to travel in, as it is designed to carry children aged between two to five years. It also has a top-notch suspension system with bigger wheels to make pushing easier for parents to steer and control while pushing the stroller and helps absorb bumps and shocks. 
  • Even better, it has an anti-slip surface which is perfect for toddlers to stand on when they get tired as you’re pushing. Plus, it keeps them from slipping when you are on a bumpy street. 
  • Our buggy board is designed to fit all Baby Jogger strollers with two easy-to-use release clips that let you safely install and detach in a few seconds. They are lightweight, making them easier to push and store easily when you’re not using them. 
  • Most importantly, the For Your Little One buggy board is safe and secure. Your child is well-protected as you both ride through high-traffic areas because it is positioned between your arms and directly in front of you. It’s the perfect way to keep an eye on both kids.

Thanks to our buggy board, spending the day with your young kids in crowded places like museums, busy city centres, parks, and malls is easier and more comfortable. It will help you carry on with your tasks without interruptions and give your child the chance to recharge when drained. It’s also suitable for families that enjoy travelling and sightseeing. 

Why Choose Us

  • Established in 2012, For Your Little One ensures that a team of creative designers expertly designs all buggy boards. 
  • We guarantee that you are purchasing durable and quality products. 
  • We set our prices competitively and provide a 4-year warranty on our buggy boards. 
  • We also have a one-year return policy if you are not satisfied with our product. 

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