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Baby Elegance Buggy Boards

If you're looking for a buggy board to fit your Baby Elegance pushchair, look no further! We have a great range of top quality buggy boards, made from the best materials and designed to be easy to store away. Our buggy boards include a saddle, making it perfect for young children, and feature an anti-slip surface to keep your child safe and secure. Why not take a look at our range today?

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Buggy Board to Fit Baby Elegance

A buggy board is a ride-on board that attaches to the back of a stroller to give a child a ride.

The Buggy Board to Fit Baby Elegance is perfect for parents with a child who likes to ride or for children who are too tired to walk. 

Top Quality

Our buggy board is made with top quality materials, ensuring that it is sturdy and long lasting. 

One of the best things about our Buggy Board is that it's easy to store away when you're not using it.

This is perfect for parents who want a hassle-free storage solution, and means you can use the Buggy Board at home or on holidays without having to worry about where to put it. 

Perfect Accessory for You and Your Little One

Our buggy board is the perfect accessory for you and your little one. It provides a place for your child to ride while you push the buggy, which makes walks a lot easier and more fun for them.

Includes a Saddle

A saddle is included with this buggy board to provide a comfortable ride for your little one. The saddle can be adjusted to fit most children, and the handle helps keep them in place for a safe and comfortable journey.


Here at For Your Little One, we know that accessories can make all the difference when it comes to making your life easier as a parent. That's why we offer a range of brilliant accessories, made from top quality materials and designed to make life easier for you and your little one. So why not check out our range today and find the perfect accessories for your needs?

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