Top rated buggies in 2022
We've seen a lot of baby buggies evolve over the years, but which ones will come out on top this year? We decided to find out with our list of top-rated buggies in 2022. There's sure to be a few surprises in here as well as a new favourite buggy! Parents have a lot of research to do in order to make the right choice for baby buggies. There are so many options and brands that it can be overwhelming and confusing at times. Brand reputation is a big factor when making buying decisions, but it's important to know what features are the most important to use when making buying decisions. Infant transport is a crucial part of infant care and nurturing. There are a lot of options to consider when choosing the perfect buggy, but there's only one way to find out what the best models of 2022 are — take a look at this list!

What is a buggy – and why do parents need to find one for their little one?

A buggy is a vehicle with four wheels, a handle, and sometimes a hood. Also called a pushchair or stroller, it is used to transport an infant or toddler. Many different types of buggies exist; some are collapsible while others unfold, and some can be used as car seats.

The benefits of a buggy for your child and why parents should purchase one

Keeps your child safe in public

It may seem like common sense that children need to be secured when travelling in cars, but many people forget that young children are also at risk when they are out in public. A buggy ensures that your child stays safe while you run errands or go on walks.

Keeps your child comfortable when traveling

A child can easily become restless when travelling from place to place. A buggy is designed so that children can recline and sleep if necessary, and the top-rated buggies have features such as sunshades and cup holders to make parents' lives easier as well.

Allows kids to sleep comfortably during outings

Travelling with an infant can be frustrating because children often sleep at inconvenient times. Parents who use a buggy can simply fold it down and roll it into the next store while their child is awake and happy to walk, and then unfold it for when they get tired and need to sit down.

What makes a great buggy? From features to materials

Choosing a buggy for your baby can be overwhelming. There are a lot of factors to consider, from what features it offers to the materials it's made from. In order to help you find the best buggy for your needs, we've gathered a list of what you should look for in a buggy: • Is it easy to push? Does it feel light or heavy? Does the handlebar adjust? Do all the wheels lock? How wide are they? • Does it come with any accessories? A rain cover is important, as well as a basket underneath and/or compartments in the back. • How easy is it to fold up? Can you do it one-handed or do you need two hands to fold it up? Is it compact enough when folded down so that you can carry it around easily? • What type of material is used in its construction? Is the fabric easy to wipe clean and resistant to stains and dirt? What about the sun visor—is it adjustable so that your child can see out easily when they're lying flat in their buggy?

5 top-rated buggies to consider

The Hauck Runner Stroller

The Hauck Runner Stroller is designed for the dynamic, sporty parents. Expertly engineered with a soft and dexterous body, this buggy features suspension air wheels, a triple extendable canopy, smooth lined seats and an adjustable backrest. The leg rest system ensures that your child is comfy while you enjoy some exercise. The 5-point harness system keeps your child tucked securely inside and comes with extra-wide storage space for all of their things – and yours!

The Kinderkraft Grande Pushchair

The Kinderkraft Grande Pushchair is a luxury carriage for young children, crafted to provide parents with a convenient and comfortable solution to their stroller problems. Now fitted with shock absorbers on the wheels, your child can sit comfortably even on paved and bumpy walks. With a specially-designed soft backrest adjustment available from upright to lie-flat, your young child will always be able to make the most of their buggy. From the excitable kids who love to watch the world go by to the kids who need a nap on the go, this is the buggy to choose from.

The ickle bubba Globe Max Stroller

The Globe Max buggy from ickle bubba is an all-in-one stroller for smooth baby travel. The ultra-compact fold is designed to fit into the overhead storage of an aeroplane and is easier than ever to push, the aluminium frame weighing in at just 6.4 kg. Ensure comfort for your child with this luxurious soft quilted liner and footmuff, both easily detachable so this buggy is always compatible with other travel systems (even car seats).

The Hauck Runner 2 Stroller

The Runner 2 from Hauck boasts a sleek, contemporary design with safety reflectors. This three-wheeled buggy features large air-filled rear wheels with suspension and a lockable front 360° swivel wheel so pushing your child can be as effortless as it should be. A wide padded seat ensures your little one has a comfortable ride along with a 5-point safety harness that will keep them safe and sound.

The Kinderkraft Vesto Pushchair Stroller

VESTO is the ideal buggy choice for both city pavements and bumpy country lanes. Say goodbye to confusing dismantling – the CLICK & FOLD system allows you to fold the stroller with just one hand! Plus, this buggy comes equipped with the AUTO LOCK system, keeping the buggy safe during transport. For more information about any of the buggies listed above, visit For Your Little One today.