Top 5 Infant Carriers For 2024

Babywearing offers a wonderful opportunity to foster a close bond with your little one while also providing convenience and comfort. Using a baby carrier allows you to have your hands free, making it easier to manage your daily tasks while soothing and calming your baby. They are also compact and ideal for travel; whether you're taking a stroll in the park or going shopping, wearing your baby can be a convenient alternative to a stroller.

Research has shown that carried babies tend to cry less because parents become more attuned and responsive to their baby's needs. Moreover, babywearing can enhance milk production and stimulate your baby's cognitive development, among other benefits.

When selecting a baby carrier that suits you and your baby, prioritize comfort, safety, and ergonomics. Let's delve into our top recommendations for baby carriers in 2024 and why we endorse them:

Our Top Five Baby Carriers for Infants

  1. BabyBjorn Mini 3D Mesh Baby Carrier The BabyBjorn Mini 3D Mesh Baby Carrier is a compact and comfortable option for frequent short baby-wearing sessions, especially during the early months when closeness is crucial. Its easy-to-open front section allows you to lift your baby in and out without disruption. Made with high-quality soft fabric, it provides excellent support for your baby's back, legs, and hips.

Suitable for newborns up to 11kg, it offers both inward and outward facing carrying positions.

Safety: Meets European EN 13209-2:2015 and American ASTM F2236 safety standards.

  1. Ergobaby Embrace Newborn Carrier The Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier is an ergonomic and snug carrier designed for calm and connected moments with your newborn. Its simple buckle feature eliminates the need for complex wrapping, making it easy to use and suitable for breastfeeding. With cushioned neck support and an ergonomic M position for your baby, it ensures comfort and proper hip support.

Suitable for newborns up to 11.3kg.

  1. Freerider Co. Baby Wrap Carrier Made from eco-friendly and breathable Tencel fabric, the Freerider Co. Baby Wrap Carrier offers a custom fit for both you and your baby. Its silky soft material ensures comfort and closeness, making it ideal for travel and daily use.

Suitable from birth up to 13kg.

  1. BabyBjorn Mini Baby Carrier The BabyBjorn Mini Baby Carrier is perfect for short, frequent baby-wearing sessions, providing comfort and support for newborns during their early months. Made from gentle and flexible BCI-Certified cotton, it offers a cozy experience for you and your baby.

Suitable for inward facing carrying when young, and outward facing from five months.

Safety: Meets European EN 13209-2:2015 and American ASTM F2236 safety standards.

  1. BeSafe Haven Newborn Carrier Crafted from sustainable and durable materials, the BeSafe Haven Newborn Carrier offers optimal support for your baby's early months. Its ergonomic design ensures proper posture and knee-to-knee support, promoting a natural and comfortable position for your little one.

Suitable from birth to around 12 months, up to 11kg.

Embark on your baby-wearing journey with confidence, knowing that these carriers prioritize comfort, safety, and ease of use. For a more detailed guide on choosing the right baby carrier, refer to our baby carrier buying guide.