Discover our 5 best universal stroller footmuffs For 2022
A must-have accessory for when the temperatures drop, stroller footmuffs or 'cosy toes' are designed to keep your baby or toddler's feet and legs warm and dry whilst on the go. While many travel systems will include one, if your original footmuff has become worn or damaged, or if your pushchair didn't come with one, never fear. At For Your Little One, you'll find a wide range of universal stroller footmuffs that are designed to fit any pushchair. As well as being essential for your little one's comfort during the winter, a brand new footmuff is also an inexpensive way to give your stroller a new lease of life. A colourful or patterned footmuff can add personality, which is something you might want to do if your stroller was secondhand and isn't quite to your taste. Similar to a sleeping bag, For Your Little One's universal footmuffs can be securely attached to the seat of any stroller. Many offer a padded back for added support, as well as a plush fleece lining and waterproof outer layer. Here, we share five of our most popular universal stroller footmuffs for 2022 and discuss their design features and benefits.

For Your Little One's 5 best Universal Stroller Footmuffs for 2022:

Best for value: The Universal Premium Pushchair Footmuff

The Universal Premium Pushchair Footmuff from For Your Little One is a simple yet stylish footmuff that won't break the bank. This versatile design includes an extra-thick, breathable fleecy lining that is available in eight great colours - black, grey, red, ocean blue, rose, sand, pale pink and purple. The black outer layer is windproof and waterproof and can be easily unzipped - helpful if you're struggling to seat an unruly toddler. This footmuff is machine washable and will fit almost any brand of stroller. It can even be unzipped completely to become a useful seat liner for use on days when extra warmth isn't necessary.

Best for stand-out style: The Universal Animal Print Padded Footmuff

Available in five fantastic animal print designs, our Universal Animal Print Padded Footmuff won't just keep your little one warm - it's also a fashion accessory in its own right! Available in five fantastic animal print designs, this footmuff features a soft fleece inner with extra padding, along with a waterproof and windproof outer layer, making it great for use on crisp autumn walks or grey days. Whether you prefer zebra stripes, leopard spots or the unique pattern of a giraffe, our Animal Print Footmuff is guaranteed to get you and your stroller the attention you deserve when hitting the high street.

Best for warmer days: The Universal Snuggle Buggy Summer Footmuff

Our Snuggle Buggy Footmuff was specially created with versatility in mind. Perfect for use from spring to early autumn, this special design will keep your baby cool on a summer day, while helping them to remain cosy if the weather takes a turn for the worse. This summer footmuff is constructed from a breathable and lightweight fleece fabric that's decorated with an attractive star pattern and is available in four beautiful colours. The full-length zipper is easy to use, even when your hands are full. This footmuff is also machine washable, making it a great choice for those with a messy toddler in tow.

Best for cold weather: The Universal Deluxe Pushchair Footmuff

Designed to be used in the winter, the Universal Deluxe Pushchair Footmuff from For Your Little One features a waterproof and windproof outer layer to keep your bundle of joy warm and dry on the coldest and wettest of days. This extra-large footmuff can comfortably fit a toddler and can be used with almost any model of pushchair or stroller that features a 5-point harness system. The cosy fleece lining is available in eight bold and eye-catching colours, so there's no need to sacrifice style to stay snug.

Best for vintage chic: The Universal Broderie Anglaise Pushchair Footmuff

The perfect choice for those seeking a footmuff that will complement a more traditional or vintage-style stroller, our Universal Broderie Anglaise Pushchair Footmuff features delicate embroidery and beautiful ruffles for a look that is both luxurious and timeless. This footmuff is available in five pastel colours - blue, yellow, pink, grey and white - and is constructed from soft and breathable fabric that can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.


When should I use a footmuff? Footmuffs are a wonderful way to make your child's stroller warmer and more comfortable on wet or cold days. As they add an extra layer of insulation on top of your little one's clothes, they are perfect for use from autumn until spring. Many of our universal footmuffs offer a clever 2-in-1 design which allows the top layer of fabric to be removed so that they can be instead used as a seat liner. This is a great idea as all of our footmuffs are machine washable, so can easily be cleaned unlike the fabric of the pushchair itself. Our attractive designs can also be used to add personality to your pushchair, or even to make a fashion statement. How can I find a footmuff to fit my stroller? For Your Little One's range of universal footmuffs are specially designed to work with almost any kind of stroller or pushchair, including top brands such as Easywalker, Quinny, Jogger, Moodd and Orzbow. All of our universal stroller footmuffs can be used on pushchairs with either a three or five-point harness system. They also feature adjustable height shoulder holes, meaning they can be altered to comfortably fit babies and toddlers of all different ages and sizes. Are any other designs available? Yes. At For Your Little One, you'll find a range of universal footmuffs to suit every taste and budget, including all of the designs listed above as well as our popular Dimple Footmuff and Universal Cosy Toes. You can view our full range here.