Best Practices that help the Infant Sleep Well

A happy baby implies a happy family. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure that your infant gets enough of ‘tummy-time’, stretching time, and sleep time. An infant well slept not only makes parenting easy but also reduces the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related hazards. To ensure proper sleep, it is essential that your infant sleeps safely. This write-up is a guide that shall provide you with some tips on how to ensure that your baby is sleeping safe and sound.


Know the ABC of Safe Sleep

If you are a new parent, it is important to know the relevant aspects of making the baby sleep.

A for Alone: The baby should always sleep alone on the sleeping surface. Sharing bed can pose to be a factor for SIDs and other sleep-related deaths.

B for Back: The baby should be placed on their back for every sleep.

C for Crib: Keep the crib empty. Avoid putting bumper pads, pillows, blanket and stuffed toys in the crib.

The Safe Sleeping Position


One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to safe sleeping practice is the right position to sleep in. It is recommended to place the infant on its back to sleep, for taking afternoon naps and sleep at night. The best place to make the infant sleep is a firm sleeping surface such as safety-approved crib mattress, covered with a fitted sheet. Avoid placing the infant to sleep over pillows, quilts, sheepskin, or other soft surfaces.

The Right Bedding


For the first few months, the infant can be placed in a crib, carrycot, or Moses basket. Put a firm mattress in a crib that fits the cot without leaving spaces around the edges, reducing the chances of baby trapping its head and suffocate. You would require sheets to cover the mattress. Use light blankets to keep the baby warm. Avoid using pillows and duvets as they probe to be risky. Only sheets and layers of blankets tucked in firmly below the shoulder level are safe for the infant.

Avoid Bed Sharing

Keep the infant’s sleep area close to you and separate from you. The baby should not sleep in a bed or on a couch with adults or other children as there are chances of baby suffocating when you roll over onto it. Therefore, it better to share the room or even feed it in the bed with you. But it should be placed in a separate sleep area when finished. Consider changing the direction of the crib every week to help with a better sleep cycle.

Keep the Sleeping Room at Comfortable Temperature

Avoid overheating the room as it can cause problems like over-breathing and waking up among the babies. Babies usually need extra layers of clothing than adults. So you can put onesie under the pyjamas as they sleep. Consider using blankets to keep them warm.

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