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First-time mothers who aren’t used to nursing their little ones may find a nursing pillow convenient. Also called “feeding pillows,” nursing pillows are used by mothers to provide additional support for babies so that their babies can reach their nipples and suckle easily. The feeding pillow also keeps the mother’s posture upright and comfortable. But more than just for breastfeeding, a nursing pillow serves a host of other functions. As such, this versatile tool is a must for every mother. In what other ways can a nursing pillow help?

1) Provides back support

You don’t have to wait for your little one to be born before buying a nursing pillow. You can use a nursing pillow to provide back support when you’re pregnant. The last trimester of pregnancy, in particular, can strain your back as your baby and belly become bigger and heavier. When you sit down on a chair or couch, you can place your nursing pillow along your lower back. This would keep your sitting posture upright while at the same time cushioning your back from the pressure of sitting. The foam of the pillow, as well as its size and shape, would provide your back with the support it needs to prevent soreness from developing over time. 

2) Relieves the pressure off of your C-section scar to facilitate healing

Some mothers may have to undergo a Caesarian operation. The external scar will take several weeks to heal, which means you shouldn’t strain yourself too much when you breastfeed. Your newborn could be fidgety, or you might be too tall to keep your baby levelled with your chest as you breastfeed. In both cases, your body’s centre of mass can be disrupted, which, in turn, can cause back pain and pressure on your abdomen. If you underwent a C-section, you have to sit down when you breastfeed your child. Use the nursing pillow as a “bed” that your little one will lay upon during breastfeeding.

3) Reduces pain from episiotomy 

Even those who gave birth without a C-section might encounter pain if their baby was too big. Tears in the vagina can occur, which would require a surgeon to perform an episiotomy or stitching operation on the mother’s vagina. The stitches would take up to a year or more to heal completely. A nursing pillow offers convenience that can reduce the stress on you when you breastfeed.

4) Provides support during bottle-feeding

Your arms, neck, and upper back can strain when you bottle-feed your little one. A nursing pillow reduces the distance and angle you need to position your arms when bottle feeding your baby. Even other family members and baby care providers can find a nursing pillow convenient when they bottle-feed your child while you’re elsewhere. Your baby would also be able to adjust comfortably while feeding.

5) Props your child up to relieve them of reflux 

Some babies experience reflux or colic after eating. Sudden spikes of trapped gas and acids in their stomach can lead to reflux, which can cause your child to throw up and become irritable. The vomit or saliva can block their breathing passages, so you can use a nursing pillow to prop them up after they fed to prevent reflux. 

6) Helps your baby exercise their tummy, neck, and shoulders 

Babies need to spend the time of their day crawling or lying on their stomachs. Gravity would exert a force on your baby’s tummy, neck, and shoulders, which would compel them to learn how to keep steady when their stomach is flat on the bed or floor. They will also be able to exercise their lungs while breathing. A nursing pillow can provide cushioning for your baby so that they will feel comfortable as they lay on their stomachs.

7) Assists your little one as they learn how to sit

nursing pillow can provide support and stability for your child when they try to sit. It will also cushion their head when they lose their balance and fall. You can place several nursing pillows on your baby’s crawl area to keep them safe in their journey from crawling to sitting.

A nursing pillow can provide a lot of benefits from your pregnancy to breastfeeding to supporting your baby. If you are considering buying a nursing pillow, check out For Your Little One’s collections, along with other baby essentials.

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