What is the best universal parasol for prams?
If you've been looking for a universal pram parasol and you don't know which to choose, we're here to help! There are so many options to choose from, with so many features, options and designs. It's important to make the right choice for you and your baby, so we take a look at which is the best universal parasol for prams and why they are a key purchase for any new mum. Whatever type of pram or pushchair you have, keeping your baby safe from the sun and showers is so important, and it helps if your parasol looks good too! We take a look at what you need to think about before getting a pram parasol, where to shop, what features to look out for and provide a selection of the best universal pram parasols in 2021.

The importance of sun protection

When you're looking for a pram parasol, it's important to find one with enough sun protection for your baby. Look for a universal parasol with at least 50 SPF protection and make sure your baby has sun cream on too. Baby's delicate skin can be especially sensitive to the sun, and even if you don't feel the heat, they need to be in the shade as much as possible. It's also important that your pram parasol has a flexible arm so you can move it around to protect your child from the sun and that it is large enough to give them enough shade.

Choose an easy to use parasol for your pram

We all know there is nothing more stressful than getting a baby out of the car seat, into the pram and ready for a walk. From remembering to bring a spare cup to nappy wipes and getting the brake on, you need an easy to use parasol that isn't going to make your day any harder. Features like a quick release clamp can be a lifesaver when you're juggling all those baby accessories. Look for a parasol that is easy to open and close, has a sturdy clamp and doesn't take up too much space when it's folded down.

The right pram parasol for your baby

If your baby loves to be out in the fresh air, or the only way you can get them to sleep is through long walks, a reliable pram parasol is essential. In fact, a parasol can also be a great way to help them drift off, reducing distractions from the exciting world outside. Make sure you get a universal pram parasol that has a sturdy rubber grip to prevent it from slipping.

Make sure it's baby-proof!

As your little one gets bigger, they'll be fascinated by the world around them and they'll get better at taking things apart too! If your toddler is always trying to escape the pram or pull the rain cover off, you'll need a sturdy universal parasol they can't take off. Find a parasol that has a sturdy flexible parasol arm so you can position it out of reach if you need to, but make sure they're still in the shade. Look for a parasol which you can wipe clean too and if you're worried about chocolate-covered fingers, maybe choose a darker colour parasol. Make sure you look for a high-quality pram parasol that's made from durable fabric, with a warranty so you know it's going to last for as long as you need.

Choose the best universal parasol

It's also important to remember that your little one will grow quicker than you think and they won't fit it in that beautiful carriage pram forever. If you're looking for a pram parasol, make sure it is a universal one so that if you change the brand of pushchair or pram, you won't need to buy a new parasol too. If the grandparents are having your little one for the day, make sure they have your pram parasol so they can protect them from the sun, and choose a universal one so it will fit their pram or pushchair too.

Keeping your little one safe

A pram parasol is also important for safe sleeping and in general, it is advised as a better option than a blanket for good ventilation and to prevent overheating. If you're out in the heat with your baby, don't forget to make sure they are hydrated, protected from the sun and check their temperature at the back of their neck. In fact, many of our premium baby parasols at For Your Little One are detachable so when they've grown out of their pushchair, they can carry it for a walk in the sun, whilst staying safe and protected.

Stylish strolling

With so many stylish pushchairs to choose from, having a coordinating sun parasol is of course a good idea. Choose a brightly coloured parasol if you've got a rainbow pram or go for a sleek and sophisticated black universal parasol for prams if you have a darker pushchair. If you have a vintage-inspired pram, you can also find beautiful Broderie Anglaise pram parasols which have a stunning timeless look and a white colour to reflect the light back.

The For Your Little One Universal Parasol

The from For Your Little One is a colourful, affordable and easy to use pram parasol with a range of handy features. At only £10.99, it's incredibly affordable and it has UV protection and is waterproof too. This universal baby parasol has an easy to attach clip, plus SPF 50 protection and a quick-release clamp if the weather turns. If you're looking for a practical, coordinated and affordable choice, this is definitely the best universal parasol for you.

Shop our parasols

If you're looking for a universal pram parasol, at For Your Little One we have a huge range of affordable and versatile options to keep your baby safe and protected. With quick UK delivery, easy returns and a six-month warranty, shop our collection of universal parasols today.
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