What is an umbrella fold pushchair?
There are so many variations and styles of pushchairs on the market, it can feel like a daunting process to search for the perfect pushchair or even find specific information on each design. We understand that this can be highly stressful. As a new or soon-to-be parent, you likely have a lot of things you need to buy to ensure both you and your baby are living the most practical and comforting life possible. Whether this includes your ability to give them the best toys for their enrichment or walking around the park with a good-quality stroller, you both deserve to source your products from a shop that knows what it is talking about. In this article, we will explain what is an umbrella fold pushchair, to help you make a decision about whether it is right for you.

What is an umbrella fold pushchair?

Simplistic and portable, an umbrella fold pushchair is similar in design to a camping chair or deckchair you would sit on at the beach. When collapsed, it becomes elongated and narrow, so it can be fitted upright or lengthways in any form of storage cabinet or your car boot or backseat. This is why it gained its name; it is as easy to collapse as an umbrella and saves you from spending lots of time trying to assemble it in poor weather. Whilst the seat itself does not protect your young one from the weather conditions unlike its name suggests, most umbrella fold pushchairs are compatible with transparent rain-proof covers which can be slotted over the top of the kit. The child will still be able to see their surroundings but stay dry and comfortable in the process, and you will have no impairments to your vision or usage whilst pushing the chair along. Not only this, but they are also extremely lightweight, usually weighing under twenty pounds. Whilst they do not make the smoothest ride on gritty, uneven ground, they are perfect for walks and quick transport to another person’s house or to your baby’s nursery down the road. As long as they are kept to usage on flat surfaces and pavements, the user should have a very pleasant journey to their destination. Due to how light they are, you will have no issue with Grandma or Grandad using your pushchair when your little one goes to stay with them too. As they are easy to unfold, there will be no confusion or need to follow complex instructions, which might be hard to comprehend for more elderly people.

Benefits to owning an umbrella fold pushchair

There are plenty of benefits to owning an umbrella fold pushchair. Here are the main features you will be greeted with when you first begin using your new product. • Umbrella fold pushchairs are light, so lifting and transporting them becomes easy for the parent. If you have back pain, weakness in your joints or any other condition which decreases your general strength, these are the perfect pushchairs for you. Bulkier pushchairs or buggies can be extremely heavy in comparison and can cause you lots of discomfort. • Most have a convenient carry handle which makes for even easier transportation. This makes them great for older children who are transitioning out of their pushchair; you can bring them along on walks in case they are needed, but encourage your young ones to walk as much as they can themselves before asking to use it. • They have universal instructions which are simple to use. Once you have assembled an umbrella fold pushchair, you know how to assemble any of its kind! • They make affordable options for any budget and every family.

What are the cons of an umbrella fold pushchair?

Of course, no product is completely perfect for your child, and you must weigh up the positives and negatives of each to decide which is best for your child. The cons of the pushchair include: • It lacks versatility. There are not many attachments available for them, such as buggy boards, infant pods or being able to be attached to another chair to make a double. All of these accessories are associated with regular or more advanced pushchairs.

How old does my child have to be to use an umbrella fold pushchair?

Most umbrella fold pushchairs are unsuitable for children in their infant and baby stages of development due to their weaker back and neck structures. When they are younger, our little ones need to be constantly supported to avoid breaking any fragile bone structures or tissue, hence why we lie them down or hold them in our arms. They cannot sit upright and support themselves, which is what an umbrella stroller requires. If you are planning on getting an umbrella fold pushchair, then ensure that you are buying it for a child who is over the age of six months old.

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