Things to Consider Before Buying a Crib Mattress

Shopping for the little human’s nursery is every parent’s lifetime dream. It is the most exciting and thrilling task during the whole pregnancy. The long lists include different nursery items like a dresser, changing station, storage baskets, bassinets, and, most importantly, a crib. New parents often spend days and months to pick the right crib for their little angel. But what’s really matters while buying a crib is to offer your little one a cushioned space for sleeping that can only be created with a contented and cosy mattress. Remember, a right crib mattress will provide a healthy night rest to your young one.

If you’re planning to hit the bedding aisle to buy a mattress for your baby’s crib, then take a look at some tips to keep in mind for the right purchase.

As a kid spends most of its time in the crib, the mattress needs to be safe, rightly cushioned, handy, and comfortable. Review the following point to get a better understanding of what all thought should be considered before buying a crib mattress:

  • Pick the Right Type: There are two significant types of mattresses available for crib – innerspring and foam. You have to be careful in determining what style you want for your little one. Foam mattresses are light in weight and made mostly of soft material like cotton or wool. Though foam mattresses are super soft on the baby’s skin, they can also cause skin irritations and allergies, as some of these mattresses are made from polyurethane. Simultaneously, the innerspring mattress is heavy but has more coils/springs that provide a cushioned and comfortable base.
  • Size Matters: Before hitting to buy a mattress, do not forget to measure the crib's inner dimension. Sizing the crib will ensure whether or not the mattress is meeting the safety standard. You can’t just randomly pick a mattress; look for the one that is neither too big nor too small. Also, do measure the height of the crib as well because you cannot go for a mattress that is too thick and covers the height of the crib. This increases the risk of your kid to fall off the crib.
  • Check the Firmness: Firmness is one of the most crucial parameters to consider before buying a crib mattress. Though it may be a little uncomfortable, a firm mattress is essential for your baby’s safety. Soft mattresses create suffocation when your baby lays his/her face down, increasing the risk of unwanted accidents. You can also opt for a mattress that has both a firm and soft side to support your child during a cosy and comfortable sleep.
  • Certifications and User Reviews: Having a child means responsibility, but always remember that you’re not alone in this journey. There are several new parents like you who share the same journey and can help you best with their experience. When buying the mattress, check the user reviews to help you get the real feedback of the product you’re planning to buy. Also, another factor that you can consider is brand certification. Look for a certified mattress by a credible source to ensure its quality, material, and durability. You can browse through all the information related to any product using the internet or visit the store.
  • Rightly Spend the Money: Remember, it’s about your child’s safety; buying a durable and high-performing mattress is a one-time investment. For this particular product, look for quality, not money. Maybe you have a budget but don’t compromise on the quality and safety factor to save some money. On any day, your priority should be to offer a comfortable and peaceful sleep to your little one, even if you have to go over your budget.

You cannot make an impulsive decision while buying a mattress for your little one’s crib. Research a bit about the types of mattresses available in the market or what style will suit the best for your kid, then buy it. Having a baby is an exciting moment, and as parents, you always tend to do the best for your baby, so stay relaxed and rightfully purchase all the accessories and furniture for your baby’s nursery.

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