The best muslin cloths to keep baby clean, calm and comforted
Counting down the days until baby's arrival and still thinking about all the supplies you need? When it comes to items you’ll want close to hand on the daily, muslin cloths definitely fall into the indispensable category. We know that life is magical but certainly very messy when a newborn arrives! In those first few precious months there will be a heavy rotation of changing, burping, feeding and comforting. The best muslin cloths are made from 100% pure cotton and are one of those multitasking baby staples that will become a permanent fixture in your home and on-the-go.

The best muslin cloths to keep baby clean, calm and comforted

Our muslin cloths are made from highly absorbent and breathable 100% pure cotton that’s super soft and comforting to babies. They were traditionally used as nappies but these multitasking cotton squares are the go-to essential for everything from burping and breastfeeding to wiping up dribbles and cleaning away milk. And their versatility doesn’t stop there. Gentle-on-the-skin, they can be used as baby bath time wash cloths, to pat bottoms dry after nappy changes and as a wonderful eco friendly alternative to baby wipes. Lots of mums get even more resourceful with their muslin cloths, using them as calming baby comforters, as soothing tummy-time blankets and for giggle-inducing games of peek-a-boo.

Where to buy the best muslin cloths

At For Your Little One, our adorable packs of muslin cloths are designed to make those first few months more manageable. From pretty pinks, soothing blues and fresh whites to playful prints and earth-inspired neutrals, we've got you covered with plenty of colours and patterns to choose from. With dribbles, drools, stains and spit-up to tackle when you bring your baby home, we recommend having 8-12 muslin squares to hand. They’re perfect for packing in your hospital bag or nappy bag, stacking up in nursery drawers and keeping in your baby’s buggy. The best muslin cloths are not just a sanity-saviour for the newborn stage but will take you through all those early years. With a multitude of uses, they're one of our favourite must-have baby buys.

Breastfeeding, bottle feeding and burping

You'll fall in love with the soft and simple muslin cloth when it comes to nursing your newborn. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, be prepared to experience some surprises! Dribbling and drooling are part of the daily routine for hungry babies and they often overstuff themselves, which leads to milk stains, spit up, and baby sickness. With a muslin cloth over your shoulder at nursing time, you can easily wipe away the worries. When you're out and about, muslin cloths serve as excellent breastfeeding cover ups, and draped over the shoulder, will protect your clothes from the extraordinary array of icky baby body fluids that come courtesy of burping sessions.

Bath time, bottoms and bibs

A fantastic and sustainable alternative to baby wipes, we recommend our machine washable 100% cotton muslin cloths for bath times and wiping your baby's bottom. Super soft and water absorbent, make them your go-to for wiping clean delicate bottoms and giving newborn's skin a gentle wash. It isn't necessary to bathe a newborn baby every day, so you can use muslin cloths instead to gently wash their face, neck, folds of their skin, and bottoms. Mums also like to place a muslin cloth on baby’s changing mat to act as a soft and soothing barrier between the plastic mat and the skin. Lift it up afterwards and you can gently dry their bottom too. Equally, these multitasking cotton squares serve as excellent easy-to-wash baby bibs. Fold yours into a triangle and tie it loosely round baby’s neck to soak up sneaky side dribbles and stray food.

Tummy time blankets and calming comforters

The best muslin cloths are a soft and breathable blessing when it comes to creating a calm, restful and nurturing environment for your newborn. They have a lightweight texture that babies love to smell, rub, touch and snuggle. Reminding them of being in the womb, a baby muslin can help reduce anxiety and will keep them feeling extra secure. You can also double up your muslin cloths as gentle tummy time blankets and to soothe a teething baby.

Sun shade and play

From cots and play mats to UV protective buggy parasols and car sun shades, at For Your Little One we've got all the essentials you need when travelling with your baby. But as all mum's know, there are still going to be times when you'll get caught short whilst out and about. Having a few muslin cloths in your bag means you can get innovative with some DIY baby hacks. If you do find yourself out in some unexpected sun, you'll be wanting to make your way to shade as soon as possible. But to ease any immediate worries, you can either loosely clip a muslin cloth over your baby's buggy or trap one in the window of your car to offer up short-term shade for your little one. Better yet, muslin cloths are great for playing games when you're travelling light. We don't think there’s a mum or dad out there who hasn't reached for a muslin cloth to tickle their little one’s senses with a game of peek-a-boo!

Shop gentle and soft 100% cotton muslin cloths

Enjoy the soft luxury of our machine washable pure cotton muslin cloths. Designed for everything from nursing and burping to cuddles and comfort, they're a sanity saviour when it comes to mopping up unexpected explosions and just as wonderful as a soothing comforter against baby's delicate skin. Fantastic value for money and 100% baby safe, our premium muslin cloths are perfect for hospital bags, new mum gifts, newborn supplies and tiny tot necessities. At For Your Little One, we're passionate about the quality, design and feel of all our products and we provide a safe and secure shopping experience for mums and dads. We offer free UK shipping over £50, a six month warranty on all products and a dedicated and friendly customer service team always on hand to help with any questions.
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