Our 4 top pregnancy pillows
Pregnancy is a beautiful time for any new mother, but there's no denying the common discomforts that come from carrying a baby around for nine months. When you're expecting your sleep, body and mind can be affected, so it's important to take the time to relax and make yourself as comfortable as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a pregnancy pillow that is designed to relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. In this latest blog post, we cover the different types of pregnancy and nursing pillows, the benefits of including one with your bedding and our 4 top pregnancy pillows here at For Your Little One.

What is a pregnancy pillow and what are the different types?

Pregnancy pillows are designed specifically for expectant mothers to keep them comfortable and relaxed when tackling some of the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. For example, aching back or other bodily pains which leads to poor sleep quality. You can purchase different types of pregnancy pillows that help support you in different ways, find out more about these below:


A contour or C-shaped pregnancy pillow helps support both the back and belly when you're sleeping, depending on how you have the pillow positioned. The shape of this pillow helps keep your legs parallel and your spine aligned.


A U-shaped pregnancy pillow helps to support your entire body during sleep. It allows your neck to feel supported and aligns your spine, as well as keeping your legs and hips in a parallel position for ultimate comfort.


A wedge pillow is useful if you have a target area of pain or discomfort that you're looking to relieve. For example, under your belly or your back. A wedge pregnancy pillow also prevents you from rolling too far in bed and is a cooler and less claustrophobic alternative to the other types of pillow.

The benefits of pregancy pillows

There are countless benefits expectant mothers find from pregnancy pillows, and they can also be useful after the baby arrives to help with nursing and bedtimes. Find below a couple of benefits to purchasing a quality pregnancy pillow during the 9 month wait for your baby:

Better quality of sleep

The primary aim of any good pregnancy pillow is to help expectant mums get a better quality of sleep. Pregnancy can be difficult on a mother's body, and common discomfort makes it tricky to get to, and stay, asleep. This is especially true the further along you get in your pregnancy. These pillows not only support your changing body for a good night's sleep but also help you change sleeping positions with ease and keep your spine aligned to avoid further back pain.

Helps ease pregancy symptoms

Besides back pain and poor sleep, there are a number of other symptoms a pregnancy pillow can help to tackle. For example, the positioning these pillows allow you to maintain can help to reduce heartburn, congestion and leg cramps that are all too common during pregnancy.

Our 4 top pregnancy pillows

Here at For Your Little One, we offer a vast range of pregnancy pillows to suit the needs of every mum-to-be. Find below our top 4 pregnancy pillows to pick up for yourself, or maybe even for an expectant loved one.

12 Ft Maternity Pillow And Case

The 12 Ft Maternity Pillow And Case provides you with all the support necessary during your pregnancy and beyond. Have the freedom to sleep in a range of different positions and remain unrestricted the further along in your pregnancy you get. Keep this pillow close at hand when you fancy a quick nap, or just fancy relaxing in front of the TV. It even comes complete with a case to keep the pillow free from dirt and dust, as well as make it easy to travel with for those last-minute getaways before your baby arrives.

Mother & Baby Organic Cotton 6ft Deluxe Body and Baby Support Pillow

The Mother & Baby Organic Cotton 6ft Deluxe Body and Baby Support Pillow is the perfect contour pregnancy pillow to get a great night's sleep. This pillow is made from only the softest and most plush material so you can feel like you're falling asleep on a cloud. Made from organic cotton, this pillow hasn't been touched by any harsh chemicals so is safe for use when your baby arrives as well.

9 Ft Maternity Pillow And Case

The 9 Ft Maternity Pillow And Case is a great alternative for those looking for a smaller pregnancy pillow during warmer summer months. This pillow works to adequately support your joints and spine, for a peaceful and pain-free night's sleep. The straight fit of this specific pillow means that it helps to relieve lower back pain common throughout pregnancy.

Mother & Baby Organic Cotton Support Pillow and Wedge Set

The Mother & Baby Organic Cotton Support Pillow and Wedge Set provides everything you need to get through pregnancy sleeping peacefully. Use the wedge pillow to target any specific points of pain or tension, while allowing the body pillow to align your spine and joints.

Why shop with us For Your Little One?

For Your Little One is the only place that caters to all of your pregnancy and baby needs. Not only are our products 100% baby safe and excellent value for money, but we also provide unmatched customer service. All of our products come with a 6-month warranty to give you peace of mind and we also offer free shipping over £50 and a number of flexible payment plans. Take a browse through our vast catalogue of products for expectant mums and babies today.
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