What is a muslin square for babies?
Muslin squares are arguably one of the top, must-have accessories when a new baby comes along. What makes them so handy is that they're incredibly versatile and can be used for lots of different scenarios. But, what is a muslin square for babies?

What is a muslin square for babies?

A muslin square is essentially a small, absorbent piece of cloth, often also referred to as a muslin cloth, that can be used for multiple purposes. You can find different sizes of muslin squares, ranging from small to medium, large and extra-large. To give you a general idea of size, small cloths measure approximately 30cm x 30cm, while large ones are roughly 100cm x 100cm in size. Different sizes of muslin square suit various purposes, so it's worth having a range of sizes in to accommodate your needs. Because muslin squares will get such a lot of use when a baby arrives on the scene, it's a good idea to have about a dozen of them, maybe more if you have a baby that burps a lot or is messy! The good thing is that muslin squares are inexpensive, so it's one baby accessory that will get lots of use and won't break the bank.

What are muslin squares made from?

Muslin squares are made from a very lightweight bamboo or cotton material with a plain weave. The cloth is very soft and gentle against the skin, which makes them ideal for babies. The material is also breathable. The soft, light materials make washing muslin squares a cinch. They can be repeatedly washed and will still retain their gentle qualities, and they dry quickly. Many people prefer to purchase muslin squares made from organic materials, as this means that they have been made from natural materials and are free from any chemicals, which could make them kinder to more sensitive skin. Muslin squares are available in a range of different colours and styles from plain white to bright shades as well as cute patterns and designs - the choice is yours!

What are muslin squares used for?

Many people wonder what are muslin squares used for? The answer is plain and simple - almost anything! So versatile are muslin squares that they will fast become any new parent's best friend. Even long after baby no longer needs to use them, you might find that muslin squares are handy for use around the house for a range of chores.

Wiping up

One of the most popular uses of muslin squares is for wiping a baby's mouth, or for catching up any spills when a baby burps. They're also useful for wiping up snotty noses and dribbles once teething starts kicking in. Because cloths are so absorbent they do a great job of mopping up, keeping a little one clean at all times.


If you don't have a bib to hand, particularly if you're out and about, muslin squares can be used as a convenient alternative. If you're bottle-feeding baby, placing a muslin square under the little one's chin will help to catch any drips, keeping the rest of their clothing dry.


Many babies like to have a muslin square in their cot or buggy as a soothing comforter that can help them to sleep. Because the cloth is lightweight and breathable, they'll be able to sleep comfortably. Once baby starts teething, you might even find that a muslin square gets preferential treatment as a soother over more expensive teething rings.


Larger muslin squares make the ideal blanket for summer for a baby and are convenient to carry around as they are so lightweight. The breathable materials also ensure baby won't overheat, making them the perfect accessory to add to your moses basket. Additionally, swaddling a baby is supposed to help them feel calm, safe and protected, and if you don't have a swaddling blanket, many parents swear by using a large muslin square as an effective alternative instead.

Protection from the sun

If the sun starts to shine on a baby's face when you're out and about, a muslin square can be hung on top of a pram cover or pushchair, or pinned against a car window, to keep the sun off their face.

Changing mat cover

Some changing mats can feel cold for a baby to lie on, so placing a large muslin cloth on top of a changing mat can make nappy changing times much more comfortable for baby. Plus, if you're sitting in the garden, a large muslin cloth can be laid down on the lawn for baby to stretch out on.

Breast pads

Muslin squares can be used for discreet breastfeeding when you're out and about. They will also prove to be worthwhile if you haven't got enough breast pads and you need an absorbent cloth to fold inside your bra to mop up any milky leaks.

Household tasks

If you can spare one or two muslin cloths, these handy squares can also be used for a range of household tasks, such as wiping delicate surfaces. If you're into making homemade jams, then a muslin square is just the job for sieving your fruity liquid to remove any pips, etc. Since muslin squares are soft enough for baby's skin, it makes sense that they earn a place for looking after adult skin, too, so are perfect for facial cleansing routines.

Ideal present

It can be difficult to know what to buy expectant parents as a gift for when the newborn arrives, so it's always good to choose something that you know will come in handy, rather than will get stuffed at the back of a cupboard. A pack of attractive muslin squares made from quality materials will always be much appreciated and will be the kind of gift that is sure to get plenty of use. Now that you know the answer to 'what is a muslin square for babies?', why not take a look at the beautiful collection of muslin squares available at For Your Little One? (https://foryourlittleone.com/collections/baby-muslin-squares)