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Safely Cleaning Baby Carriers and Slings: Best Practices

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Safely Cleaning Baby Carriers and Slings: Best Practices

If you’re a babywearing enthusiast like us, your baby carrier or sling might need a clean. Baby carriers and slings do get grubby – we see you, milk stain!

For Babywearing Week and beyond, here are tips to keep your baby carrier in top shape, ensuring your baby benefits from babywearing in a clean and safe space.

How to Wash Different Types of Carriers

Different types of carriers and slings have different wash instructions due to features like buckles or harder-to-clean fabrics. Always read the instructions for your carrier before cleaning. This information is usually on the carrier label or the online product page.

Soft Structured Carriers

Soft structured carriers are the most common type of carrier. They often feature buckles or straps and additional features like newborn inserts and covers.

  • Machine Washing: Most can be machine washed, but due to straps, buckles, or special fabrics like Tula Hemp, they may need spot cleaning and air drying. This can take a few days, so consider a backup carrier.
  • Spot Cleaning: Use warm water mixed with baby detergent and a washcloth, then air dry.
  • Recommendations: Ergobaby Omni360, Babybjorn Harmony, and Stokke Limas carriers.

  • Backpack Carriers

    Backpack carriers are practical for long walks or hiking, carrying the baby on the back with a hard-framed design.

  • Wipe Clean: Use lukewarm water and a soft sponge or brush sparingly to avoid damaging protective coatings.
  • Machine Washing: If there's a washable cover, follow the instructions. Generally, wash in cold water with gentle detergent and air dry.

  • Wraps and Slings

    Wraps and slings offer close bonding with fabric wrapped around your torso. They come in various fabrics like cotton or linen.

  • Machine Washing: Use a cool cycle (around 30°C) with gentle detergent. Avoid washing with items that have zippers or sharp elements to prevent damage.

  • Mei Tai Carriers

    Mei Tai carriers combine traditional wrap and structured carrier features.

  • Machine Washing: Use a pillowcase to prevent tangling, wash on a delicate cycle with gentle detergent, and air dry to prevent shrinking.

  • Always Remember:

    Avoid bleach or harsh cleaning chemicals, as they can damage the carrier materials and be toxic for the baby’s skin.

    Your commitment to keeping your baby carrier clean ensures your baby enjoys the benefits of babywearing in a safe and hygienic environment.