Baby Furniture

For Your Little One has a collection of the most beautiful and stylish furniture available on the market. From standard Cot beds to Doll Moses baskets, we have the best products for the best prices you will find, all with a modern, functional design that will meet all of your needs from birth.

Our line of unisex, ultra-safe Cot beds is made to provide both you and your baby with the best nights’ sleep possible. They are available in three colors; White, Dark and Country Pine. The Cot Bed can be altered and repositioned depending on the circumstances, for example; most Cots have three height settings, with the highest setting to benefit the parents while the child is a baby to allow them to pick their baby up without having to bend down and possibly cause problems for themselves. The lower settings are for when your child is starting to grow up and moving about a lot more, giving the Cot a much more stable base. Preferably, you want your child out of a Cot by the age of 4, but with the Cots available at For Your little One, they are still usable a long time afterwards as they are designed to have removable sides and ends that can split apart, meaning that as your child gets older the sides and ends can be taken down to allow them the freedom of having a normal bed. The Cot beds available also have Teething Rails, which are designed to help your little one through the painful period of teething.The beautifully designed Moses baskets are perfect for mothers that don’t want to leave their baby in a cot in the same place all day. These baskets are made to carry newborn babies up to 6.8kg, or until they are able to sit up/ roll over independently. They are lightweight and practical to allow you to carry your baby around with you wherever you go, from taking them around the house with you to going to friends’ houses to taking them uptown, always keeping your child close to you everywhere you take them. Moses baskets are available in a range of colors and designs, from traditional wicker baskets in different colours including Cream, Blue, and Pink. We also have a selection of the best of our traditional Broderie Anglaise style Moses Baskets either with or without an accompanying stand. The baskets are designed to be able to be rested on the floor, staying flat and stable, but stands are also available to gently rock your baby to sleep and keep the basket at a more convenient height for when you are sleeping. The stands are mostly available separately to the Moses Baskets, but some do come with a permanent stand attached and some have a removable stand available with them that can be very easily stored. The Moses Basket stands that can be bought separately come in two colors; a natural finished pine wood color and a more traditional white. We do also have Moses basket mattresses available, whether you need a replacement mattress or want a more comfortable, quilted mattress, our tear and water resistant vinyl covered mattresses with a breathable foam interior are the one thing you need for your baby to have the perfect nights’ sleep.

We have Wicker Pod Moses Baskets, either on their own or with either a foldable stand or a rocking stand. The baskets come in either white or a natural wood color, with the bedding inside coming in a choice of three different colors; Blue, White and pink. The simplistic design and colors of the Pod Moses baskets make them very eye catching and attractive, especially to expecting parents. But they are also extremely lightweight and compact- allowing you to carry your baby with you anywhere you go with minimal effort.   

The range of Broderie Anglaise Dolls Moses baskets are beautifully crafted to hold and protect your baby in their first few months of life, reassuring your little one that they are safe and sound, resulting in the perfect nights’ sleep for you and your baby. The baskets are super lightweight and can be carried around with no problems with the highly convenient handles, allowing you to hold the Moses basket like an oversized handbag. They again come in a choice of colors: White, Cream, Blue and Pink.

Travel Cots are the ideal travel product for overnight stays or going on holiday with. They are ‘pop-up’ Cots with the best safety and bedding features available on the market at the moment. Travel costs are suitable for birth and are fully padded around the rails and enclosed to keep your baby safe while in the cot and prevent them from climbing/ falling out at any point. They are easily and quickly assembled and take down and have easy- view mesh panels on all sides so you can see your child even if you are sat/ lying down.

All products listed are unisex and made to the highest standards.