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For your little one presents the finest grade and durably constructed mini balance bike. They boast a unique, modern design and a safe structure that is perfect for kids. The cute little balance bike and tricycle are ideal for children from 12 months. So, pick from these super cute bikes for your toddler and surprise them on birthdays or gift them as a token of love. Make their ride comfortable and full of excitement too.

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Doona Liki - Foldable Trike S1 - Urban Grey
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Doona Liki Foldable Trike S5 - Nitro Black
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Doona Liki Foldable Trike S5 - Racing Green
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For your little one knew what it takes to keep the babies safe and sound when they are playing around and exploring the world around them. With that trust, our inventory includes premium grade and quality baby traveling gears that are ideally designed to improve the balancing and development skills at an early stage.

FYLO trike- This multi functional tricycle is great for your toddler. Available in grey, pink or blue. This trike ensures your little one is comfortable on your commute and can also encourage them to pedal independently if they wanted. This toddler trike works as a stroller as well as a handy trike for your baby. The parent handle allows you to have complete control of the wheel. This trike also offers a storage basket and a pouch on the handle. There is a storage basket at the front for your toddler to use along with an additional basket at the rear. You can use this trike in world facing mode or parent facing mode. There's a built in footrest for your toddlers feet. This would make a great first trike for your baby - suitable from 9 months. 

4trike- Imagine fresh air and the wind in your child's hair, with the sun kissing your toddlers laughing face. Take the helmet in one hand, and the lightweight bike in the other, and discover the unknown with your kid in any season! 4TRIKE has been designed to support your child's gross motor skills. The 4TRIKE balance bike adapts to your growing youngster's skills – it allows your kid to enjoy riding already from 12 months. It will instil a love for exercise while allowing them to safely learn how to ride a bike. 4TRIKE is a unique children's bike that lets you quickly change its function without needing to use tools. The adjustable seat lets you even better adapt the bike to your child's height, and the non-slip handles improve grip for little hands. Perfect for a first trike for your toddler. 

FreeWay-FREEWAY is a 2-in-1 toddler bike that's a great alternative to a stroller. The 360° swivel seat lets you have your kid facing towards or away from the direction of travel. This is a great option for toddlers who aren't quite ready to let their parents out of their sight during walks. FREEWAY also has the option of mounting the seat at two different distances to the guard rail and backrest, so that you can perfectly adapt it to your child! FREEWAY will be loved by children from nine months up to five year old. The foldable footrest on the front wheel is ideal for children who can't quite reach the pedals. Older children can also have a little rest on longer walks. Available in pink or grey.

Aveo- The Kinderkraft AVEO toddler bike is suitable for children from nine months to five year old (3-in-1). It's equipped with EVA foam tyres with shock absorbers that don't require pumping. Another advantage of the AVEO toddler bike is the swivel seat, which allows you to have your kid facing backwards or forwards. It grows with your kid– the foldable frame and modular design allow you to easily transform the tricycle and adjust it to the child's age. Available in pink or grey.

Jazz- JAZZ is a 4-in-1 tricycle. Thanks to the solutions used, it combines four products, which means you can easily adapt it to your child's age and motor skills. It can be folded to a compact size without having to disassemble anything – you can easily fit it in the boot or in the closet at home. JAZZ is suitable for children from nine months! Riding it isn't only a pleasure, but also serves as practical balance and motor skills practice.

Spinstep- Enjoy spending time outdoors together with your kid and discover the benefits that the SPINSTEP 5-in-1 tricycle can bring! This trike will grow with your kid, and thanks to the modular frame, the disassembly of individual elements is a breeze. This allows you to easily adapt the trike to your child's increasing skills without using any tools. In addition, thanks to the deep, waterproof hood made of UPF50+ material, a drizzle or the hot sun won't pose an obstacle!

Easytwist-A walk is a great opportunity for a child to discover the world around them. To support your toddler's development, instead of a traditional stroller, why not choose the Kinderkraft lightweight EASYTWIST tricycle made of magnesium alloy? It'll not only allow your child to develop their senses and motor skills from the age of just nine months, but it'll also target motor coordination and teach them how to behave safely outside the home.


Which is the best tricycle for my baby? 

This all depends on the type of tricycle you are after. We do stroller trikes and balance trikes. The kids tricycle can be used from typically 9 months to five years old. The 2-in1 kids tricycles are perfect for days out. They allow your young one to get their energy out and when their tired you can push them home. They are great toys for your baby and allows your baby to enjoy those long walks out more! 

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