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Petite Star Buggy Boards

The For Your Little One buggy board designed to fit all Petite Star strollers is the perfect choice for parents looking to provide extra seats for their older children while using a single-seat stroller. It’s an excellent way of shuttling kids without having to splurge on expensive two-seater strollers. Our buggy boards are practical, safe, and smart.

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For Your Little One
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Features Of The Buggy Board 

Our buggy board ensures that your child has a safe and smooth ride and is easy for you and to manoeuver. 

  • It is perfect for children between 2 to 6 years old, weighing up to 20 kilograms. 
  • Its textured, anti-slip standing surface makes it easy for your child to either sit or stand safely while in motion, and its height-adjustable saddle seat (maximum of 31 centimetres and minimum of 24 centimetres) is extremely versatile. 
  • This board also positions your child directly in front of you and between your arms, making it highly secure, especially when you’re in high-traffic areas. And you can keep an eye on your little ones at the same time! 
  • Due to its practical and user-friendly, our buggy board easily fits your Petite Star stroller, making it perfect for your tired child. 
  • It has top-quality suspension systems that ensure smooth and less bumpy rides for your kids and also features durable wheels that help parents easily turn into corners and other narrow spaces. 
  • It has two quick-release clips that help you safely attach and detach our buggy boards in a few seconds. 
  • You can easily disconnect the buggy board with just a push of a button. 
  • Plus, it is lightweight and has storage cords that make it perfectly convenient to carry. You can simply hook it up behind your stroller when not in use. 

What Makes The For Your Little One Buggy Board A Great Choice

The For Your Little One buggy board is the perfect option for various activities, including shopping, going for walks, and visiting a busy city location. It is also the perfect travelling companion for families on the road. Whatever your reasons might be, our buggy boards fit for Petite Star strollers are excellent additions for families with young children and newborns.


  • Maximum Weight: 20kg
  • Round Tubing Minimum: 1cm
  • Maximum: 5 cm
  • Maximum Circumference of Stroller: 15 cm
  • Board Dimensions: 42 (W) X 22 cm (D) X 16 CM (H) 
  • Saddle Seat Height: Lowest: 24cm, Middle: 27.5cm, and Highest: 31cm. 

Why We Are Your Best Choice

  • Established in 2012, For Your Little One has been dedicated to providing quality products to make life easier for parents and children. 
  • Because of our promise to families, we work with the best in-house designers for the best products possible. 
  • Our prices have remained unbeaten, and we offer a four-year warranty on all products. 
  • We also have a one-year return policy for unsatisfied customers. 

Add the For Your Little one buggy board to fit Petite Star stroller to allow your child to ride along comfortably and in style! For more information on the For Your Little One buggy board designed to fit Petite Star strollers

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