Kinderkraft’s Tricycles

Babies are so cute and as they grow into these little persons, they get cutter and much more fun. They form their personalities, gain so many abilities and with each new thing that they learn, they get even more exciting and fun to be around. From the time they turn a year old or even before then, you can start taking them out to ride a bike or even better – to ride a tricycle. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing your child having the time of his or her life. Well, if you get them one of the tricycles that the company Kinderkraft offers, both you and your child will be in for a treat!

Why Kinderkraft’s Tricycles?

We have talked about this company before – Kinderkraft is an amazing manufacturer of all kinds of baby products. They have everything that you might need for your child – from strollers to car seats and cots to balance bikes and tricycles that are fun even for the parents.

Kinderkraft’s tricycles are amazing because they can grow with the child. This means that you buy one trike that you can use for several years by adding and removing the parts that come with it and making the combinations that fit your needs best. From the time the child turns 9 months up to the age of 4 or 5, he or she will be able to enjoy riding one of these amazing trikes that will also help develop better motor skills, good balance and coordination, as well as have stronger muscles.

However, there is a lot more to Kinderkraft’s trikes than just the functionality and the benefits we have mentioned. The design of these trikes is probably one of the best things about them – they are completely adjustable for the age, skill level, and height of the child. Also, the handle, bar, and safety harness can be removed once the child reaches a certain age and can ride on its own. The tricycles are amazing all around and this is why you have to consider getting one for your child. While you are browsing, you should also look for a helmet for your child to be extra careful for those days when it starts riding on its own.

Currently available on the company’s website are five types of tricycles – Jazz, Easytwist, Aveo, Aston, and Spinstep. We will now talk about all of these separately to show you why they are fun for the whole family!

Tricycle Jazz

Kinderkraft Jazz

The Jazz 4-in-1 tricycle will help your child learn more about the world and it will grow with your child. There is the option for the parent to push the tricycle or the child to pedal it by itself. Once they can ride the tricycle on their own, children will love every moment they spend on the trike.

The amazing thing about this tricycle is that it can help the development of motor skills as well as the sense of balance. It will not only be a great pass time for your child, but it will also be very helpful in the development of the child.

This tricycle comes in a very compact size. When you want to take it out, you can easily assemble it and once you are done with it, you can just disassemble and put it away. It will not even take a lot of space around your house, while you can use the lock protect option to keep it from unfolding.

As for safety – you do not need to worry about anything, as the harness will keep the children protected at all times. There are rear brakes when the parent wants to keep the tricycle from moving, while we can also mention that the tires are made from high-quality shock-absorbing foam. We said that this tricycle can grow with the child and we meant that because the straps are adjustable to the children’s height. Not only the safety harness but also the footrest and safety bar are adjustable.

The tricycle comes with a practical bag for extra storage, a foldable hood, a bell for the child, and an adjustable handle for the parent. Last but not least, we can say that the tricycle has a safety certificate and does not contain any harmful materials. It is completely suitable for children! Here is the product specification for this tricycle:

Jazz Tricycle

Dimensions 88/94cm x 47cm x 97cm
Suitability 9 months to 3 years
Manufacturer’s warranty2 years

Tricycle Easytwist

Another amazing tricycle from Kinderkraft is the Easytwist tricycle. A tricycle is always the best alternative to a stroller, but this specific one is amazing because of the many great features that it has. First of all, we can mention that it is very lightweight since the frame is made from magnesium alloy. This also makes it very durable and resistant to corrosion.

When it comes to the seat, it is completely adjustable and can be rotated 360° with the help of the simple Click&Twist system. Then, we go to the backrest that is also adjustable and can be set to two positions – sitting or reclining. The second option is a bit more suitable for children that are tired and what to take a nap. From one adjustable thing to the other – we have the adjustable hood made from high-quality fabric that will keep the child protects from too much sun and rain.

Just like the previous tricycle we mentioned, the Easytwist also has a modular design and can be adjusted as the child grows up. There are a detachable safety bar and a detachable parent handle for when the child grows up. The wheels are very strong and durable, while they also come with a foldable footrest and free wheel function at the front.

The entire tricycle is very easy to clean, the liner is removable and can be machine washed. Since the tricycle is also lightweight, you can easily transport it and disassemble it when you do not need it. From additional accessories, this one comes with a bag and basked for extra storage, while you can also add a cup holder to the frame.

Easytwist Tricycle

Dimensions87/107 cm x 34 cm x 122 cm
Weight10 kg
Suitability9 months – 5 years
Manufacturer’s warranty2 Years

Tricycle Aveo

Kinderkraft Aveo

This tricycle is suitable for children of various ages because of how it can be used. For example, the child can keep its legs on the pedals or the footrest while it is younger and the parent is pushing the trike, or it can ride it by itself when it is old enough. Going for walks will never be boring with this amazing tricycle.

The seat is also adjustable and can be placed facing the front or rear, depending on your wishes at the moment. As we have said, the child can ride the trike itself, so this means that the parent handle for pushing is completely removable, as well as several other parts like the hood and the footrest.

Trips will not only be fun but they will also be comfortable thanks to the liner made from high-quality polyester material. When it gets dirty, you can easily remove it and put it in the washer to be cleaned. The liner comes with a safety harness included but you can remove that part when you are planning on washing the liner.

Now, let’s talk about the hood. Extendable, easily foldable, and with a mesh window – this hood is just perfect. You can use it to protect your child from too much sun or rain. This is only one of the many amazing parts of the trike – from the foldable footrest to the foam tires that features strong brakes, and the free wheel at the front! You have everything your child will ever wish for just in one place. And did we mention that the trike comes with a cup holder, two baskets, a fancy bell, and a parent bag all included in the price?!

Once you are done with your trip, you can fold the trike and put it in storage. You will not even notice it there because it is so compact. It is truly one of the best investments that you can make in this day and age. Now let’s see the detailed specification of the trike and the prices:

Aveo Tricycle

Dimensions112 cm x 49.5 cm x 108 cm
Weight12.2 kg
Suitability9 months – 5 years
Manufacturer’s warranty2 Years

Tricycle Aston

Kinderkraft Aston

Next on our list of tricycles, we have Kinderkraft’s Aston. This is an amazing option for those who are on a tight budget since the price of this trike is a bit lower than the prices of the others. However, that does not mean that the trike does not have some great options included.

Among the options that this trike offers, we will first mention the hood with a visor made from completely transparent materials. This means that you can check on your child while you are walking in the park. At the same time, you will not need to worry about its safety at all because the trike has a 5-point safety harness included on the seat unit. Even further, there is a safety bar that can be attached upfront for more protection. You can easily remove this bar once the child grows up and wants to ride on its own.

Moving on to the wheels – they are made from puncture-resistant foam and the back ones have brakes included. Then, we have the pedals that come with footrests on both sides, as well as a propulsion lock. As if all this was not enough, we can also add that the trike comes with a big basket for additional storage as well as two pockets that you can use to store some little things that you need to have close to you.

The Aston is an amazing and very durable trike that you can find at a very affordable price. Here are some of the specifics about this trike that we did not mention so far:

Aston Tricycle

Dimensions92 cm x 50 cm x 115cm
Weight9.5 kg
Suitability9 months – 5 years
Manufacturer’s warranty2 Years

Tricycle Spinstep

Last but not least, we have the Spinstep tricycle – the only 5-in-1 tricycle on our list. This means that the tricycle comes with a lot of adjustable elements that can be added or removed according to your needs. When it comes to this specific tricycle, you will not even need a tool to make the adjustments, so that is great! To add to that, this tricycle can be used as a stroller since the seat can swivel 360° and the child can be set to face the parent.

Probably one of the best features of this trike is one that we have not mentioned on our list so far – adjustable seat distance. Since not all children grow at the same pace, some children might need to be closer to the bar while others that are taller might need to be further away from it. With a seat like this, you can fully adjust your child so that it is comfortable while sitting in the trike. Sitting or driving will be very safe for the child since there are a 3-point padded harness and a guardrail.

As for the wheels, the front one has the free function option for easier riding and both front and back wheels are made from maintenance-free and durable PU material. A footrest comes at the front pedals for the times when your child gets too tired to pedal. And if you need to push the trike for your child, you can do that easily using the adjustable parent handle.

As with all other amazing trikes, this one comes with a waterproof hood, two baskets for storage, a fancy loud bell, and a cup holder. Overall, we would say that this trike is probably the best one on the list in terms of abilities and functionality. Now, to mention more specifics about it:

Spinstep Tricycle

Dimensions106 cm x 50.5 cm x 103 cm
Weight10 kg
Suitability9 months – 5 years
Manufacturer’s warranty2 Years

Get The Best Tricycle For Your Child From Kinderkraft!

From what we have mentioned so far, you should have a clear vision of what a tricycle includes. Some come with more options than others do, some have items that come with it while others do not, some are more affordable while others are only meant for people with bigger budgets. There are many things to be considered when choosing the perfect tricycle for your child and we want to help you make the best choice possible.

If you are on the market for a tricycle, find one that has adjustable seat distance and height, footrests, handlebars with non-slip handles, an adjustable backrest, a height-adjustable parent handle that can also be removed, and maybe even some accessories. Finding all of these things in one trike is achievable and we can confirm this with the help of Kinderkraft’s products. We would also like to again point out the importance of getting a helmet for your child to protect it even more when it starts riding on its own!

You can choose to purchase a trike directly from Kinderkraft and in that case, do not forget to fill out the form to get a 10-year warranty on your product. On the other hand, you can also look at our website and see which tricycles we offer at For Your Little One. Might we add that we have some of the cheapest prices online and we include a 4-year warranty and a 1-year return policy on all our products? This is all more reason why you should purchase from us! Go to our website to find the best tricycle or any other product that you and your child desire!

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