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Know Why You Should Invest in a Carrycot

Carrycot is one baby gear that most parents swear by, whereas there are parents who don’t feel it to be a fruitful investment. Carrycots are available in different types to support your little one while day sleeping, travelling, or walking. It is a gear that is invented to ease you out for a while by keeping the baby safe and secured at the same time. Carrycots are perfect for babies at a new-age, for the first few months, to provide support while you’re not around. If you’re still in a... Read More

List of Safety Products to Baby proof Your Home

In the growing up journey, every day, babies come across new things that they wish to feel, put in the mouth and explore. And, as human nature, most parents often ignore the safety aspect of their babies until an accident occurs because they tend to avoid the time and hassle of installing the safety products across the house. It is essential to baby proof your home with some excellent baby safety products when your little ones have started showing motor skills like crawling and walking. As parents, only you know... Read More

Babyproofing Your Surroundings Before the Baby Comes

As a parent, one can never be careful enough with the safety of their little one. It is not until the time you bring home your baby from the hospital, that you realize the many dangers lurking around your house. Even if infants are secure in your arms and it will be some time before they are up and about, you need to babyproof your home to provide your child with a secure environment. This is recommended to be done before the baby is born because well, once the baby... Read More

The Basics of Car Seat Buying: 5-Step Guide

No matter how much information is available on child restraint safety, it is surely not enough. There are several things you would need to consider when selecting the car seat for your little one. Know your Options There are usually three options when it comes to infant car seats until it outgrows the height or weight allowed by the manufacturer or surpassing the specified age. Riding in a rear-facing car seat ensures a maximum of protection for your child’s head, neck, and spine in case of a crash. These options... Read More


Safety Tips When Using a Moses Basket for your Baby – Our Guide

Babies spend most of their initial growth sleep, so it’s crucial to find ways that will ensure the safety and security of your baby. After all, they are unlike children or adults that can practically sleep anywhere and without a hitch. With that in mind, you will need to consider how the baby sleeps, which bedding to use, what’s in the cot, and where to sleep.  Fortunately, there are several choices, such as a crib, carrycot, baby cot, bassinet, or a Moses basket. Many choose the latter as it is... Read More

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Why a Footmuff Is Necessary For Your Child in Winter – What to Know

In a few months, autumn will give way to winter. But this does not mean you should leave your child locked inside the home and let the cold months pass. But you shouldn’t expose your little one to the harsh elements either. You and your baby can take a stroll together with the help of winter clothing and accessories, such as a snowsuit, blanket, and footmuff for your stroller. How does a baby footmuff keep your baby warm?  A footmuff is an insulating pad that resembles a sleeping bag that... Read More